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Here you can see, explore and download all of my audio inductions. No ads, no cost, no judgment, just enjoyment. Each file is available as an MP3 and on YouTube.

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Touching instructions for an orgasmic induction and surrendered seduction.
A deep induction focused around control, without an end...
A well-earned, intense and warm reward for a female sub.
A gentle whisper induction. My take on an ASMR recording.
A moment of peace no matter where you are.
A story and journey about finding the slave inside.
Even good girls and boys need to learn how to behave, don't they?
A good way to get more out of very piece of candy. Much more.
Anywhere and anytime you could be erotically assaulted by ghosts.
Wrapped up in the curse of the mummy.
Cursed by a witch to be transformed into a black cat. You might as well embrace it.
You've been bitten by a werewolf. We all know what happens next. Or do we?
What if you had the chance to sit at my feet, serving me. What would I make you do?
A gentle, wonderful relaxing way to relieve pain.
It's important to do your chores, but sometimes you need some help.
WARNING - Will remove ALL triggers and effects, EXCLUDING mine! Intended to help remove bad influences.
Comfort. For those times in the middle of the night when something, a dream, nightmare or otherwise has woken you up.
Haven't you always wanted to be a woman? Embracing your feminine side and the beautiful curves your body should have?
WARNING - Will remove ALL triggers and effects, INCLUDING mine! Intended to help remove bad influences.
WARNING - This file will remove all active and post-hypnotic effects, but will NOT remove trance triggers inside files.
Blissful hypnosis with pleasurable results for all genders! No need for touching, but you might need to clean up later
Bind your body, mind and all your senses until not even time remains.
Suggested by the 500th subscriber: Become aroused by these instructions to touch... but not "there".
A good induction for beginners and veterans alike, welcoming my new spiral background (on YouTube).
A soft file to help you clear your head of anxiety, insecurity and worry.
Sometimes you just want to forget everything, think nothing and exist only as a toy for your owner to use for their pleasure.
A strange experiment: It begins to put you in a nice trance... Then begins again... and again...
Requires a glass of water. Maybe it will contain a drug that leaves you suggestible...
A soft, gentle induction. To make you warm, safe and protected and nothing more.
Maybe going to the bathroom wasn't such a good idea. Although...
Frustration, arousal and desire. But no touching!
A good servant learns how to serve their owner well.
The second file you should listen to, after Introduction Induction, to learn how to respond to my trigger.
Useful file to wake up nice, bright and refreshed. Especially in the morning.
An active way to help you sleep, feeling more obedient as well.
For when you want to feel arousal. Intense, fiery arousal.
For those that desire, deep inside, to obey completely.
Embraced by the coils of a certain snake. My pretty morsel, my prey. It is time to sleep, time to surrender. Time to submit.
Just a quick simple file by request to turn you into a lovable, playful, relaxed and curious cute kitty.
Make yourself eat better, lose weight and feel better by repeating my words and repeating this file.
A reading of the erotic story "My Pet" at
Feel better about yourself, repeating my words.
Welcome, my little human. Come to my coils and feel yourself lulled into submission... My prey.
You are a toy, an object that will be placed safely away when not used.
First bound, without your neck, then made to sleep.
First bound, including your neck, then made to sleep.
Hands-free orgasm with a background file. Listen to this anywhere!
A quick and powerful moment by your dominant. But you won't remember.
A ritual for cleaning.
A ritual for eating.
A ritual for sleeping.
A ritual for peeing (male only).
A ritual for peeing (female only).
Something to listen to while sucking and to improve the experience for both involved.
Carefree and careless. Who wants to buy some shoes?
When you thought your bed was safe... Tentacles seduce and conquer you.
Sometimes all we need is to be held. To feel a warm embrace of strong protective arms around us.
A lovely real fantasy about walking through a forest and having nature take you.
Fractionation is fun! By pulling you down and up again you will feel so wonderfully fuzzy.
Who doesn't want to be turned into an obedient, horny, wanting slut?
Something to listen to while doing something else, making you aroused!
Will you survive the bite of a vampire? What will you lose? Your sanity? Your control?
Everyone needs to feel a good spanking sometimes, just to remember their place.
Hands-on masturbation session for women, with a release!
Hands-on masturbation session for women, but without a release!
Full-body bondage, except for the neck! It always feels good to be obedient and bound.
Full-body bondage, including the neck! It always feels good to be obedient and bound.
A file that helps you to sleep and trains you to be more obedient.
A gentle sleeping file, helping you relax and feel embraced for a wonderful sleep.
A simple sleeping aid, working from a progressive relaxation.
A gentle induction to get to know me or to start experiencing hypnosis.