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174 results
♫ A delicious release while you listen and repeat.
Orgasm and obedience through repetition.
♫ Are you curious how long you can resist?
Long game of resistance.
♫ Allow yourself to take flight for a delicious moment of peace and inspiration.
Limitless freedom.
♫ Just a little taste of the world, that's all you want.
Explorative desire.
♫ Fun little effect to make you want to lick intimate places.
Desire to give oral pleasure.
♫ Become (even more) mesmerized by the sound of my voice.
Magical addiction to my voice.
♫ A visit to your doctor for a little problem with arousal.
Hypnotized and teased.
♫ Recorded during the live event: Relaxing fantasy of floating and swimming with mermaids.
Deeply relaxing floating.
♫ Sometimes you need a little help to trust in your abilities.
Confidence boost.
♫ No matter how you feel when you go into trance, it's okay.
Acceptance in trance.
♫ When you feel you just want to hump things...
Trance through movement.
♫ Help me record the opening scene of a movie, set in a crazy scientists' lab.
Movie set fantasy.
♫ There are times when you just need to know that you're not alone.
♫ Something simple to help you sleep and become more obedient.
Bedtime obedience training.
♫ A simple study to test some responses to basic stimuli. Of course I cannot give you more details right now.
Medical test fantasy
♫ Recorded during the live event: Fantasy of arriving at the airport and being brainwashed in my house.
Slave fantasy and induction.
♫ Just an innocent little drug to help you talk... about sex.
Sexual honesty for 1 hour.
♫ Of course it's never fun to have to go to bed, but perhaps I can give you a better place to play.
Inspired dreams.
♫ Sometimes, all a brat needs is to be challenged and conquered.
Playful submission.
♫ A blindfold makes it hard to see, so perhaps you should follow my guidance.
Quick, deep induction.
♫ Feel the freedom of your floating mind, no longer inside your heavy body.
Deep trance.
♫ Enjoy a sweet encasement of soft, but strong clay all around you.
Complete clay bondage (including face & neck)
♫ Some helpful words to help motivate you to lose some weight. Listen to an induction first!
Healthy weight loss.
♫ Just a quick, simple induction with lots of warmth and niceness.
Embrace based induction.
♫ The slow, slightly hot dripping of hot wax on your back is just so relaxing.
Candle play.
♫ Something gentle to help you sleep and inspire nice dreams.
Improved sleep.
♫ How nice of you to volunteer! Please, sit down and just try to relax and we'll see what happens.
Stage induction fantasy
♫ For the secret exhibitionists among us, unable to hide your feelings.
Always watched, by ...
♫ Please enjoy this complimentary treatment in our top-of-the-line facility!
Bimbo transformation fantasy.
♫ It's okay to embrace the good and the bad in yourself.
Think positive through repetition.
♫ A different place where you can belong, where you can find purpose.
Oral fucktoy fantasy.
♫ Will the happy little puppy come out and play?
Gentle puppy transformation.
♫ Sometimes it's nice not to be able to talk so you don't have to think about what to say.
Unable to speak for up to two hours.
♫ When you need a reminder of your place... So come over here and bend over my knee.
Emotional relief through spanking. - Aftercare recommended after this.
♫ Just a simple focus induction on something a little different.
Simple trance without end.
♫ A scary file that will make you believe that your house is haunted.
The jitters.
♫ A gentle reminder to help you not forget what to listen to.
Mental virus.
♫ Enchant others with your lovely playful self. It's good to spread the joy.
Confident playful flirting.
♫ A simple, gentle file to help you sleep with no more than a few whispers.
ASMR sleep file.
♫ Attempt to resist the temptation of touching yourself, as touching means surrender.
Surrender through desire.
♫ Just a nice moment to relax your body and your mind.
Simple induction, deepener and waking.
♫ Welcome to Nimja Incorporated, please be seated and put on your headphones.
Interesting indoctrination.
♫ Daily instructions to make your breasts lactate, combined with some gentle hypnosis.
Induced lactation through training.
♫ A soft, unyielding place to be kept. Do you feel safe, or trapped?
Short fantasy about being in a velvet-lined cage.
♫ Fall asleep in your post-orgasmic glow, while I program your mind.
Orgasm, sleep and obedience.
♫ A simple file to help quiet your mind. Good to prepare for other files or simply to help with stress.
Clearing thoughts
♫ Just let it happen, it's perfectly alright to blankly keep your mouth open and...
Subconscious but enjoyable drooling.
♫ A nice file to toy with, leaving you sweetly satisfied and deeply entranced.
Guided clitoral vibrator masturbation.
♫ Just something nice to relax with, with no expectations in any way.
Nice relaxing trance.
♫ Even if you've done something wrong, forgive yourself. It's okay to stop worrying. You're allowed to make mistakes.
Forgiveness and acceptance.
♫ A 5 minute power nap to refresh you when you're all too tired.
Quick refreshing nap.
♫ Just a warm, gentle, simple way to wake up. Now with added hugs.
Easy and comfortable waking up.
♫ A gentle introduction into a deep world of trance.
Deep, nice trance.
♫ Warm up a little with a soft blanket.
Physical warming.
♫ Cool down a little with a gentle breeze.
Physical cooling.
♫ Celebrate my 100th hypnosis file by doing something for me...
A dedicated orgasm
♫ Required activities have never been so inspiring. A spark of arousal in the twilight of tasks.
Chores trigger arousal.
♫ Whispered wonderfully into an erotic state of trance and arousal.
Arousal and deep trance.
♫ Something to help you deal with the intensity of everyday life.
Help with anxiety and intense emotions from others.
♫ Sometimes, especially after something intense, you need some care.
Slow, long aftercare.
♫ Late night in bed, falling asleep and dreaming... Or are you?
Tentacle fantasy in bed.
♫ Called to the front of the class and put in your place, deeply.
Humiliation fantasy in a classroom.
♫ Falling asleep gently and obediently in Sir's arms.
Put to a submissive sleep.
♫ A simple trigger to cause deep desires.
Desire X and desire fade trigger.
♫ A sweet simple journey into a relaxing deep trance.
Simple deep trance.
♫ You, a mirror, a changed reflection and a lot of naughty touching...
Gender transformation and interaction.
♫ A touch of pleasure before you sleep.
Delicious trance and sleep.
♫ A semi-subliminal obedience file to have on while doing other things.
Background file to inspire obedience.
♫ When arousal gets so strong that you cannot help but feel it...
Short, but powerful arousal.
♫ A playful, secret way to put a little girl to bed.
Recursive bedtime trancing and sleep.
♫ Taking and displaying control over your mind and body, placing it as I will.
Deep trance and obedience, including body control.
♫ A simple relaxation induction, combined with fractionation and deepeners.
Induction without waking, with fractionation.
♫ Instructions to touch but none to release.
Unable to orgasm without command.
♫ Try to stay awake as you are slowly and deeply conquered.
Deep trance, focusing on resistance.
♫ Listen at your own risk! Enslaves you completely, making you mine. You have no choice anymore...
Enslavement, deep trance and basic rules.
♫ A delicious anaesthetic, guiding you in a deep trance without end.
Induction without waking, based on breathing/gas.
♫ A lovely, sexy, erotic way to be put into a deep trance for another file.
Induction without waking, based on slow seduction.
♫ Something to find the little girl inside of you and help her feel safe.
Internal trance and embracing of little self.
♫ A quick file to help you relax your nerves before an exam or presentation.
Calming your nerves
♫ A little file to help you embrace what and who you are.
Self-acceptance and love.
♫ There's nothing quite like giving your Sir a good morning.
Oral pleasure while Sir is waking.
♫ A gentle, spiritual journey through the four elements in you.
Relaxing slow induction
♫ Deep, intense and frustrating arousal without a single touch.
Intense arousal without orgasm.
♫ A warm relaxing way to go down before the next file.
Induction without waking, based on shower.
♫ By request a devious file for a deviant place.
Arousal for anal attention.
♫ A good morning file to start the day with delicious desire.
Arousal triggered upon waking up (by me or by alarm)
♫ Put away a whole night long... Combine this with the Control Induction for an amazing night!
Objectification and isolation, yet protected and treasured.
♫ Let go of the past. Embrace the future. Allow yourself to have nice things.
Deep trance to put bad memories into perspective and embrace the possibility of good experiences.
♫ Shackled on wrists and ankles, without end...
Induction without waking, based on bondage.
♫ A safe, wonderful place at sir's feet. A place to to surrender, feel small and let go.
Subspace and surrender.
♫ When your emotions need some time off, when your mind wants to run away, when the world is just not great and you need...
Deep relaxing trance and emotional relief.
♫ WARNING: Brainwashing/programming file. Listen only if you want to become a Mindless Fucktoy, without any control. - Limits programming this role to Nimja.
Triggers for your owner listed here: activate, hot, crave, touch, cum and deactivate. (prefix trigger with "fucktoy")
♫ A journey going nowhere and everywhere. Words guiding you into dreams and fantasies.
Dreamlike, slow induction
♫ Touching instructions for an orgasmic induction and surrendered seduction.
Deep surrender after an orgasm.
♫ A deep induction focused around control, without an end...
Induction without waking, based on control
♫ A well-earned, intense and warm reward for a female sub.
Massage and happy ending.
♫ A story and journey about finding the slave inside.
Put you in a slave state and ask a show of dedication.
♫ Even good girls and boys need to learn how to behave, don't they?
Corrupted/naughty feelings that last for a while.
♫ A good way to get more out of every piece of candy. Much more.
Kinky thoughts after eating candy.
♫ Wrapped up in the curse of the mummy.
♫ Cursed by a witch to be transformed into a black cat. You might as well embrace it.
Emotional and physical transformation into a black cat.
♫ You've been bitten by a werewolf. We all know what happens next. Or do we?
Emotional and physical transformation into a werewolf.
♫ What if you had the chance to sit at my feet, serving me. What would I make you do?
Making you obey me and serve me.
♫ A gentle, wonderful relaxing way to relieve pain.
Trigger: "It's okay to relax" to help you relieve pain.
♫ It's important to do your chores, but sometimes you need some help.
Obedience and doing chores
♫ Comfort. For those times in the middle of the night when something, a dream, nightmare or otherwise has woken you up.
Comfort, sleep.
♫ Haven't you always wanted to be a woman? Embracing your feminine side and the beautiful curves your body should have?
Transformation from male to female.
♫ Blissful hypnosis with pleasurable results for all genders! No need for touching, but you might need to clean up later.
Orgasms without physical or hypnotic touching.
♫ Bind your body, mind and all your senses until not even time remains.
Sensory deprivation and deep trance.
♫ Suggested by the 500th subscriber: Become aroused by these instructions to touch... but not "there".
Arousal through touching with a nice trance.
♫ A soft file to help you clear your head of anxiety, insecurity and worry.
Calming and cleansing mind/soul.
♫ Sometimes you just want to forget everything, think nothing and exist only as a toy for your owner to use for their pleasure.
Install trigger to become a fucktoy for trusted people.
♫ Requires a glass of water. Maybe it will contain a drug that leaves you suggestible...
Left suggestible through feeling drugged.
♫ A soft, gentle induction. To make you warm, safe and protected and nothing more.
Induction and protection.
♫ Maybe going to the bathroom wasn't such a good idea. Although...
Fucked by slimy tentacles.
♫ Frustration, arousal and desire. But no touching!
Increased arousal without touching.
♫ A good servant learns how to serve their owner well.
Learn to serve through repetition.
♫ The second file you should listen to, after Introduction Induction, to learn how to respond to my trigger.
Explicit setting of trance/obedience trigger, used in my other files.
♫ Useful file to wake up nice, bright and refreshed. Especially in the morning.
Quick wake-up feeling.
♫ An active way to help you sleep, feeling more obedient as well.
Fall asleep all relaxed and obedient through repetition.
♫ For when you want to feel arousal. Intense, fiery arousal.
Very strong arousal through repetition.
♫ For those that desire, deep inside, to obey completely.
Obedience training through repetition.
♫ Embraced by the coils of a certain snake. My pretty morsel, my prey. It is time to sleep, time to surrender. Time to submit.
Fall asleep while in snake bondage.
♫ Just a quick simple file by request to turn you into a lovable, playful, relaxed and curious cute kitty.
Set a cute kitty trigger.
♫ Make yourself eat better, lose weight and feel better by repeating my words and repeating this file.
Improve physical health through repetition.
♫ Feel better about yourself, repeating my words.
Improve self-image through repetition.
♫ Welcome, my little human. Come to my coils and feel yourself lulled into submission... My prey.
Snake bondage and domination.
♫ You are a toy, an object that will be placed safely away when not used.
Objectification and storage.
♫ First bound, including your neck, then made to sleep.
Fall asleep, while being bound (with neck).
♫ Hands-free orgasm with a background file. Listen to this anywhere!
Background file to increase arousal and generate orgasm.
♫ A quick and powerful moment by your dominant. But you won't remember.
♫ Something to listen to while sucking and to improve the experience for both involved.
Increased arousal and focus on the sucking object, plus orgasm.
♫ Carefree and careless. Who wants to buy some shoes?
Mental diminishing and open mind.
♫ When you thought your bed was safe... Tentacles seduce and conquer you.
Taken and fucked by tentacles.
♫ Sometimes all we need is to be held. To feel a warm embrace of strong protective arms around us.
Feeling held and protected.
♫ A lovely real fantasy about walking through a forest and having nature take you.
Bound, trapped and fucked by vines/tentacles.
♫ Fractionation is fun! By pulling you down and up again you will feel so wonderfully fuzzy.
Fractionation and deepening.
♫ Who doesn't want to be turned into an obedient, horny, wanting slut?
Increase arousal, sluttiness and obedience.
♫ Something to listen to while doing something else, making you aroused!
Background file to increase arousal.
♫ Will you survive the bite of a vampire? What will you lose? Your sanity? Your control?
Fantasy experience, inspire obedience.
A naughty feeling with every handshake!
Touched between your legs with every handshake.
♫ Everyone needs to feel a good spanking sometimes, just to remember their place.
Spanking session with reward/orgasm at the end.
♫ Hands-on masturbation session for women, with a release!
Build-up with release for women.
♫ Hands-on masturbation session for women, but without a release!
Build-up without release for women.
♫ Full-body bondage, including the neck! It always feels good to be obedient and bound.
Full-body bondage with rope, inspires obedience.
♫ A file that helps you to sleep and trains you to be more obedient.
Fall asleep after obedience training.
♫ A gentle sleeping file, helping you relax and feel embraced for a wonderful sleep.
Fall asleep afterwards, feeling held.
♫ A simple sleeping aid, working from a progressive relaxation.
Fall asleep, feeling very relaxed.
♫ A gentle induction to get to know me or to start experiencing hypnosis.
Introductory induction.
Some hate it and some are forced to have a pop of arousal each time...
Arousal on popping a bubble.
Those soft, sensitive spheres need some more love.
Lactation through stimulation.
Cause your body to leak; drool or even drip down below.
Drooling and/or incontinence.
A spanking for as long as you can take it.
Good spanking.
Just a simple effect to lift up your spirits!
Positive thinking
A quick script to turn you on!
A nice warm hug for a simple short moment.
Embraced effect.
Guided through a deflowering, be it as boy or girl.
Losing your (anal/vaginal) virginity.
A nice quick refreshing nap.
Quick relaxing trance.
Small and humiliated, exactly as you should be.
Deep humiliation.
A "one-handed" script that instructs you to do a bit more than click.
Masturbation based induction.
Thinking is too hard and shoes are too much fun!
Turned into a bimbo.
WARNING: This file enslaves you to me.
Make you my slave.
A more feminine mind and body.
A wonderful obedience training module for more experienced subs.
Deeper obedient trance.
Become any type of doll you can imagine.
Doll transformation.
Become any furry animal you can imagine!
Fur and feelings.
Do you like the idea of being tied up completely, unable to resist?
Bondage induction.
Are you addicted to obedience? Do you want to be?
Addiction to this file and being obedient.
Fantasies and variations for those desiring to submit.
Guided dreams for when you sleep.
A nice long induction where you follow basic instructions.
Deep trance.
A wonderful obedience training module for beginners.
Deep obedient trance.
A mixed induction to guide you into a deep trance.
Deep trance
A nice script for feeling heavy and relaxed. A very basic induction to get started.
Heavy nice trance.
The feeling of sitting in a nice warm bath.
Warm, soft trance.