About Nimja

What is the release schedule?

Files are released in the following schedule:

  • Every Tuesday: Usually more naughty file here on the site. Every other week, the file is limited to Patrons!
  • Every Thursday: Normal file on YouTube and the site.
  • Every first Sunday of the month: Nimja Live - See here.

Who are you?

Hello, I am Nimja. I am an 36 year old experienced dominant and hypnotist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I frequently do hypnosis on- and offline in my spare time. I work as a php programmer. So not only is the content on this site mine, but also the technology.

The name Nimja, by the way, is an encryption of my real name with a cipher from long ago.

Reddit AmAs

Ask Me Anything rounds on the fantastic AmA subreddit.

What is this?

The site

This is my hypnosis site and all my work around hypnosis, like visuals, scripts and a bit more. And it's all free to use and share as long as you link back here. If you want to support me: click here to donate.

I also welcome any feedback, criticism, suggestions, questions or anything else you want to say or ask! Just contact me.

The logos

The butterfly is my old logo. Used because butterflies are the messenger to the soul.
The metronome is my new logo for Nimja Hypnosis. One of the three common items associated with hypnosis (together with spirals and pocket watches).

When did you start?

My first time hypnotizing someone in person was in 1997. The scripts started in 2010 and this site in 2014.

Where do you do this?

From my desk at home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There are a couple of things that work together for recording: I use a Rode NT-USB (before I used a Samson GoMic), a stand and pop-filter. As for software:

All this software can be used for free by consumers. Most of the real cost is in the time of the recording and the post-production.

Why do you do this?

First of all because I enjoy it immensely. I have always had a love for erotic and mind-control and discovered an aptitude for hypnosis at a very young age. Why I am recording it is the same reason I started writing erotic fiction: a lot of what was out there is terrible quality. While there are definitely amazing recordings (and stories) out there, most of it was so bad that I felt I could do better.

How did you start with hypnosis?

It all started with a youth scientific magazine, which contained a long article on hypnosis. This fascinated me. Knowing that language could do this to people. I already enjoyed reading and telling stories and was wondering how far it could be taken. My first session was in person, age 16. If you want to learn as well, just check out: How To Do Inductions.

Other Questions

Why are there no ads?

Because leaving people in a suggestible, hypnotized state and then playing advertisements is not very nice. Instead if you like my work and want to support me: click here to donate.

Why don't you use binaural beats?

Mainly because they don't work consistently (yet) and it's almost impossible to include them in background sounds without them causing a distraction for the people they do not work for. Sorry.

About Hypnosis

I am having difficulty to get into trance...

If you're having difficulty, that's okay. Not everyone goes into trance equally or as easy. Some people require a lot of finesse or even personal sessions. However, I've added some tips below to experiment with.

Physical tips

  • Do something nice to get in the mood: a hot shower, calm music, incense, etc.
  • Use headphones, ideally ones that are comfortable and use a low volume.
  • Choose a quiet, comfortable, dark place. Let the file be the only thing there with you.
  • Get comfy! I mean really. Don't be afraid to use more pillows.
  • Remove distractions, turn off tv, put your phone on silent, etc.
  • Pretending/exaggerating a little bit can help. Physically slumping or closing your eyes on command helps make it feel more vivid.

Mental tips

  • Try to clear your mind, if you're too worried about something, listen another time.
  • Experiment with different times of day.
  • Try to focus on something: Your breathing, a candle, the ceiling or the Hypnotic Visuals.
  • Remember there are no expectations. Just enjoy the ride, nobody is watching you.
  • Before listening, believe that you will be hypnotized. A similar technique used by lucid dreamers.

What to listen to

Here are a few examples of different types of files to give you an idea of what to listen to. There are more in: the full list of Inductions

And remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment and enjoy!

Does hypnosis really work?

Yes. Of course I'm going to say yes. But realistically, actually yes. It works for almost everyone. However, it does not work the same way for everyone, just like not everyone likes the same TV shows. If something or some file doesn't work for you, try another!

As a sidenote: hypnosis on tv is, like most other things on tv, usually very fake.

Some interesting research

Is hypnosis safe?

Definitely. For most people, there is no danger at all, as their subconscious will automatically stop them from doing anything they don't want to do. And same as normal sleep, you will simply wake up if needed.

There is the rare exception where someone is particularly easy to put in a trance and can be convinced to go past their limits. Like most things in life; trust is very important.

Disclaimer: Your mind is your responsibility.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Yes. In fact, most people use a form of self-hypnosis when zoning out in front of the tv or when studying very hard. However, not everyone can be hypnotized the same way. Some people require more interaction or a specific approach to let go. Trust also plays a big role.

Does it always work?

No. Being able to be hypnotized depends as much on your cooperation as it does on the skill of the hypnotist. That and some mediums are more pleasant for one person than another. Some people really prefer text, others sound and yet others really need to be in person.

Can hypnosis change your body?

Only indirectly. Hypnosis cannot alter your body by itself, but it can alter your perception or help you change it by making you more motivated.

How long do effects last?

This varies greatly per person. Most effects, I'd say, last about an hour. But it can be both shorter and much longer than that. The rule of thumb is that the more intense the effect, the shorter it lasts.

Can I learn hypnosis?

Of course. There are a few very helpful sites out there, like:

And most countries/states have local courses, though of course I'd recommend reading reviews of a course before you pay (a lot) to do it.

Filter Details

About the Audio Adventure Filters

Intended Effect

A very short and to the point information about the effect of the file. If any triggers are set (outside of the basic trance one), it will be mentioned here.


A file is limited by gender when I use physical language in a file that is specific to a gender (breasts, penis, vagina, etc.). This doesn't mean the file is "only for women" but be aware that the language may affect you while in trance.


Where was it released and for which audience was it intended.

  • YouTube: Released every Thursday, viewable on YouTube and here on the site.
  • Site: Every other Tuesday, not shared on YouTube because it's (probably) too naughty.
  • Patron: Every other Tuesday, limited to Patrons only.


What type of file it is.

  • Gentle: Clean file, without arousal or domination. For example to help calm you down or deal with anxiety.
  • Erotic: A teasing, erotic file. Some arousal, perhaps a little bit of domination. But nothing too much.
  • Kinky: Very naughty files. Not for everyone, but definitely desired by many.


Length of the file, for some scripts, this is a very rough estimate.

  • Short: Less than 10 minutes.
  • Medium: 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Long: More than 20 minutes.


How much participation/interaction is required from the listener.

  • None: Just sit back, relax and let it wash over you.
  • Some: You may be asked to respond a few times.
  • A lot: You need to participate for the file to work.


How focused the file is on obedience.

  • None: It's not really used or inspired in this file.
  • Some: It's part of the file, but not the central focus.
  • A lot: It is a main focus of the file.


How focused the file is on arousal.

  • None: It's not really used or inspired in this file.
  • Some: It's part of the file, but not the central focus.
  • A lot: It is a main focus of the file.


How many orgasms are in the file... naughty you! Options are predictably: none, one and many.