About Nimja & Hypnosis

About Nimja

Who is Nimja?

Name: Nimja
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Occupation: Full-time python/php/web programmer
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, movies, comics, programming, nerdy stuff

What is the release schedule?

Every Tuesday: For the site, alternating between free and Patron only!
Every Thursday: Gentle file, for YouTube and here.
Every first Sunday of the month: Nimja Live - See here.
Every third Sunday of every even month: Nimja Live Light - See here.

What are the Patron Only files?

They are files for people that support me. Read more here.

Do you give workshops?

Yes, I enjoy giving them very much. For upcoming ones, check out Nimja Live information.

If you want me to give a workshop at your location, feel free to contact me to discuss this. I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, so travel-time might play a role in my decisions.

About Hypnosis

Frequently Asked Hypnosis Questions

Where/how do I start?
- Right here.
What should I know before I begin?
- Read the disclaimer.
Does it really work?
- Yes, in fact you are in a hypnotic state when studying or zoning out.
Does it work for everyone?
- Yes. However, not every induction works for everyone.
Does it work like on tv?
- When does it ever?
Can you make anyone do anything?
- No, your subconscious will block things it doesn't like.
Can hypnosis change your body
- No, it can only change your perception.
Is it safe?
- As safe as sleeping, ie. don't do it while driving!
Is it okay for children?
- Hypnosis itself, yes. Rocking a baby to sleep is a form of hypnosis.
How long do effects last?
- Most effects wear off naturally, from minutes to hours.

Disclaimer: Your mind is your responsibility.

Beginner tips and advanced tips

Additional Questions

What is this site?

A portal to hypnosis and erotic hypnosis for everyone, anywhere on anything. The site is mainly for adults, although the Gentle category is suitable for all ages. See the disclaimer.

Who made the site/logos?

I did. You can find much more of my work on Nimja.com

Butterfly logo is my personal logo. The meaning is that of a messenger.
Metronome logo is my professional "Nimja Hypnosis" logo. Clean and much easier to use for small things.

Will you ever have ads?

No! Hypnosis and advertisements do not mix in my opinion. My income comes from loyal followers who donate or support me on Patreon

Did you do Reddit AmAs?

Yes I did!

How do you record?

  • Location - From my desk at home in Amsterdam.
  • Mic - Rode NT-USB with shockmount and popfilter.
  • Audio recording/editing - Audacity
  • Animated background - Blender
  • Video editing - FFmpeg
  • Live streaming - OBS Studio

Why do you do this?

First of all because I enjoy it immensely. I have always had a love for erotic writing and mind-control. And I discovered an aptitude for hypnosis at a very young age.

Why I am recording it is the same reason I started writing erotic fiction: a lot of what was out there is terrible quality. While there are definitely amazing recordings (and stories) out there, most of it was so bad that I felt I could do better.

When did you start?

My first time hypnotising someone in person was in 1997. The scripts started in 2010 and this site in 2014.

It all started with a youth scientific magazine, which contained a long article on hypnosis. This fascinated me. Knowing that language could do this to people. I already enjoyed reading and telling stories and was wondering how far it could be taken. My first session was in person, age 16.

Will you change the background music?

Not any time soon. The soothing, simple but not boring, background sound is part of the experience. A lot of people go into trance as soon as they hear it swelling up while I say "Hello, I am Nimja".

Why don't you use binaural beats?

Mainly because they don't work consistently (yet) and it's almost impossible to include them in background sounds without them causing a distraction for the people they do not work for. Sorry.

More Information

Interesting Hypnosis Research

If you know more, let me know! Notice that I've only used research from established universities or other reputable sources.

How can you learn hypnosis?

Most countries/states have courses for learning hypnosis. However, please use caution with any method that costs you money!