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Safety guidelines

Before you begin

All these guidelines apply to both listening to files as well as doing trancing with people. Audio version: 386 - Safety Guidelines

Check who or what it is

  • Are you dealing with a known file or person?
  • Is it coming from the original source?
  • Did you verify the person or check the description?

Check limits, wants and needs

  • What do you really want?
  • Are there things you do not like/want?
  • Do you want any effects to last beyond the session?

Check consent and intent

  • What is going to happen?
  • Are you confident it's okay?
  • Is the person listening to your concerns? If not, get out!

During a session

Trust your instincts

  • If something feels wrong, trust your instincts and stop/leave
  • Discuss things that feel both good and bad
  • Maybe have a friend or guardian watch you if you don't trust it.

Wake up and/or speak up

  • If a limit is crossed, let them know! - Related: 214 - Red Flag
  • With files, don't feel guilty for turning a file off if it turns you off.

After the session

  • Take your time to wake up.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for aftercare (or find a nice file).
  • Reflect on what happened. Did you like it? Do you want to do it again?
  • Also reflect back days later. Have your feelings changed?
  • Perhaps consider a reset file to clear your mind.

Check the files in the Safety category for more! Your mind is your responsibility.

Basic tips

Learning how to do hypnosis

Learn more about how hypnosis works, how to do it, personal safety, links to other guides, how to do it yourself, inductions and more.

Learn Hypnosis - Homepage

Get comfy

  • Turn off phones and other background noises.
  • Use headphones to improve the experience.
  • Find a comfortable place, like your bed or a comfy chair.

Further below there are also safety guidelines and advanced tips

Choose a file

There are a few suggestions on this page for beginners, but feel free to explore what seems interesting to you and explore. There are also the filters to help on your search!

Relax & enjoy

Just let yourself enjoy the ride. There is no need to try hard and there are no expectations. Enjoying hypnosis is different for everyone.

Take your time

While (most) files wake you up at the end, it might be nice to take a minute to enjoy what has just happened and let your mind process everything.

Patron only files

Some files are only available to people that support me.
Most of these get publicly released after 1 year.

Good files for beginners

Induction examples

738 - Slowly Tranced Allow me to be your guide into a deep, hypnotic state. 13:34 - Very slow induction.

544 - An Introduction A brief introduction into hypnosis and my channel. 07:56 - Simple, quick trance.

506 - Rehearsal Induction We're going to practice going into trance, in a moment. 06:54 - Induction and fractionation

More examples

638 - The Power Of Hypnosis Experience many of the wonderful things that hypnosis can do to you. 35:11 - A deep dive into classic hypnosis tropes.

280 - Be Yourself Learn how to accept yourself and feel more free in public. 14:59 - Anti-anxiety and self-acceptance.

390 - Rainfall 50,000 drops covering the world around you. Every one of them creating a small sound to help you relax. 12:39 - A thank you for 50,000 subscribers.

Advanced tips

Advanced tips

If you're having difficulty, that's okay. Not everyone goes into trance equally easy. Some people require a lot of finesse or even personal sessions.

I've added some tips below. However, give yourself time, everyone is different.


  • It's a skill - Some pick it up easily, others need some time. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.
  • It's like focus - It doesn't feel like anything by itself. Being "in the zone" doesn't feel like anything either.

Physical tips

  • Get comfortable - Find a comfy seat or lay down. Don't be afraid to use more pillows!
  • Get in the mood - Take hot shower, calm music, incense, etc.
  • Use headphones - On a low volume if possible.
  • Remove distractions - Lower lights, turn off tv, put your phone on silent, etc.
  • Participate - Try slumping or closing your eyes. While pretending at first, it will become second nature.

Mental tips

  • Don't worry - Be happy. No need to force yourself.
  • Time of day - Some people prefer to listen just before sleeping.
  • Try a focus - Your breathing, a candle, the ceiling or a Hypnotic Visual.
  • Enjoy the ride - Nobody is watching you, no expectations.
  • Decide - Before listening, believe that you will be hypnotized. A similar technique used by lucid dreamers.

What to listen to

Here are a few examples of different types of files to give you an idea of what to listen to. Check out the rest.

Feel free to experiment to find what fits best with you.

And remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment and enjoy!