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392 - Everyday Submission

◎ 10,160 ▽ 12,927 - 2018-04-05Details
Description Focus on what you are doing and let go of everything else, as you surrender to the moment.
Intended Effect Background submissive feelings.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of submission and focus. He encourages the listener to let the audio play in the background while they go about their tasks, allowing their mind to fade out and focus on other things. The listener is reminded that being submissive is not just about obedience, but also about giving themselves to someone and letting go of everything else. He emphasizes that the listener doesn't have to pay attention to the words, but rather let them caress their mind and float through their subconscious. The listener is encouraged to focus on the task at hand and enjoy the warm feeling of submitting and surrendering. He assures the listener that they can still react to anything that needs immediate attention and that their mind can handle all these tasks effortlessly. The listener is reminded to stop trying and just listen, focusing on the present moment and enjoying the sensation of surrender. He emphasizes that the only thing asked of the listener is to pay attention to their task and keep track of it. The audio helps the listener stay focused and aids in feelings of purpose and progression. The listener is encouraged to calm down, slow down, and surrender to the few words that remind them of their purpose to obey. He assures the listener that even though their mind may not consciously listen to the words, they still have a deep impact on their mind, causing relaxation and washing away unnecessary thoughts. The listener is reminded to focus only on the task, letting their mind become obedient and empty. Overall, the file guides the listener to a state of submission, focus, and obedience while they go about their daily activities.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
FeaturesBackground, Obedience
DisclaimerThis is erotic fetish fantasy, not reality. Enjoy!
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