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♫ After this you'll be sure to enjoy the vibrancy of the world around you. How many can you find?
Seeking out color.
♫ This implanted chip has such subtle, yet impressive effects over time.
Slowly indoctrinated to be more easily controllable.
♫ There must be a way out, even if every attempt leads back to where you started.
Repeatedly captured by a mad scientist.
♫ A holiday on a small island leads you into a cave where a dark ritual is taking place.
WARNING: CNC, drugged, fear, physically and mentally conquered by unknown creature.
♫ A big celebration and presentation at Nimja Incorporated to thank you for all your efforts.
Looking back at a few things.
♫ Allow yourself to go into a slowing trance as you perceive the world around you.
Drifting through time.
♫ The more you listen, the more you turn into an object for their desire.
Mindless, horny and immobile.
♫ This file will include language that puts you into a hypnotic state.
Blank stares, drifty thoughts and more.
♫ Strapped onto a table and sucked by a machine until there's nothing left.
Milked and drained.
♫ A very nice discount for a hair-dye makes you enter and enjoy the salon.
Deep, drifting, drug-like enjoyment.
♫ Do you dare to explore an old funhouse that may twist not only your perception?
Mental and emotional manipulation.
♫ Allow yourself to drift to sleep as I keep you company and tell some gentle nothings.
Gentle caresses and words.
♫ Caught not sleeping, spanked and gently put to bed after with headpats.
Punished and aftercared into sleep.
♫ Leave your mind far behind, as you find the joy of nothingness.
Blissful blankness.
♫ They only come closer if you want them to, until you can't say no anymore.
From invited to overwhelming, penetrated and conquered.
♫ An audio training by Nimja Incorporated to help you enjoy and appreciate repetitive tasks.
Motivated to do cleaning, organising, etc.
♫ Allow yourself the time to really clear your mind and refresh your self.
A deep mental cleanse.
♫ Naked and restrained to the bed, completely at my mercy to bite... anywhere.
Many nibbles, nips and bites.
♫ How does the machine know exactly what to make for you...
A sensational sensory experience.
♫ Purchased at the café, this privately prepared drink will leave you salivating and possibly drooling elsewhere.
Drug-like, deeply warming and hot.
♫ It's okay to embrace your desire to obey and how you feel as a submissive.
Praised for your obedience.
♫ Going into trance is so nice, so why would I tease you about that?
Playful, deep trance.
♫ It's only a recording, you don't have to worry about anything.
Conversational trickery into surrender.
♫ An old dollmaker's shop, in which a precious doll is slowly, carefully repaired.
Transformation and restoration.
♫ Have your delicious desire decided by dice. No re-rolls.
Max one roll per minute, and release on 6.
♫ On a walk in a familiar place you are drifting through a strange fog into lands unknown.
Deep drifting and wonder.
♫ Let yourself listen as you avoid trying to resist the lovely loss of your thoughts.
Background, slightly distracting, nice trance.
♫ Once upon a time, there might have been a choice... but no longer.
Powerful, obediently blank and open.
♫ It only takes a few words to let your mind realize what it really is.
A moment of trance or transformation.
♫ A hands-free, wonderful wavy and drifty pull into pleasure that just keeps coming.
Multiple releases into trance.
♫ How I speak matters a lot and the tone of my voice is a nice thing to fall to.
Training to trance to my voice.
♫ Welcome in this deeply pleasurable Nimja Incorporated establishment.
Feeling more sexual, liberated and brainwashed.
♫ Hypnosis is a curious and very enjoyable experience.
Nice deep trance after letting go.
♫ The market is a place of many things, some of them more distracting than others.
Tricked, appraised and confused by a stranger.
♫ A simple experiment to tease you into submission and invite you to obey, without knowing.
Waking trance and controlled.
♫ From a piece of clay to a beautiful pot by practiced hands.
Shaped, etched and painted.
♫ A nice time to listen and submerge yourself into my sound.
Fascinated and obedient to my voice.
♫ A slow story about how the earth might feel about volcanoes.
♫ Enjoy that feeling of anticipation and excitement of being ready to...
Naughty preparation.
♫ There is a need for punishment, by hand, force, belt and flogger.
WARNING: Physical pain. Intense. Aftercare recommended.
♫ Every breath can lead into more obedience and a deeper trance.
Obedience and submission by breathing.
♫ Entering an unknown place that would kindly help you to relax and let go.
Strangely unsettling, brainwashing environment.
♫ Part of a Nimja Incorporated experimental procedure that helps you to sleep deeper.
Drugged into a very deep sleep.
♫ A simple drug that makes you aroused while you're keeping busy.
Background, delicious desire.
♫ While exploring a castle in the wintery woods you find a strange wand...
Unpredictable transformation and effects.
♫ Listen to a story of an audio file of an induction that really shouldn't have worked.
Hypnotized by a terrible hypnotist.
♫ A rollercoaster of denial, frustration, fractionation and desire
Made to orgasm for my pleasure.
♫ A gentle place in your unconscious, away from the world.
An inner garden to enjoy.
♫ It is important to be reminded of your place when you need it most and yet... you can't.
WARNING: Emotionally intense and makes you obedient to me.
♫ Allow yourself to be invited into a warm, comfortable state of submission.
Sweet surrender and submission.
♫ Who would ever want to be a bimbo, they're so superficial, simple and naive and have all the fun.
Subtle bimbo transformation and acceptance.
♫ Experience a few ways of being hypnotized, over and over again.
Practice going into trance and become more susceptible to suggestions.
♫ Listening to this would make you a very willing... wanting volunteer for brainwashing.
Delicious vulnerability to trance.
♫ A quick story on why it's so much fun to be hypnotized.
Quick, deep, feeling good.
♫ While stressed and overwhelmed, taken down and spanked harshly to help you vent, and cared for afterwards.
WARNING: Emotionally intense.
♫ It's always a good time to celebrate ways to become better.
Inspiration for improvement.
♫ Deeply transformed into a good plaything, perhaps even toyed with.
WARNING: Intense need to obey, be played with and manipulated.
♫ It's time for me to download, modify and reupload your mind.
WARNING: Enslavement and suggests re-listening.
♫ Some needles, a pretty, soft ribbon and your back as my canvas are all I need.
WARNING: Needle play, aftercare recommended.
♫ Some teasing temptation in public where you don't really have a choice.
Consensual, unexpected teasing.
♫ Allow yourself to participate without even doing anything.
Drifty, deep, comfy trance.
♫ I know what you are, what you need and what you crave... And maybe I will give it.
Sweetly degrading, deep trance.
♫ A nice afternoon in the park, with some fetch, running and nice walking.
Running your thoughts away.
♫ The walk through the forest was sweaty and warm, fortunately there is a cool waterfall.
Natural arousal.
♫ Experience the strange (side) effects of this imaginary drug from Nimja Incorporated.
Non-consensually drugged, drifting and possibly used.
♫ Would you like to help me practice by being brought into trance?
Simple induction and waking.
♫ Gentle inspiration to enjoy, initiate and reciprocate intimacy.
Desire to give and receive.
♫ Would you allow me to share some gratitude?
Thank you, for everything.
♫ A deeply distracting, yet delicious bit of fascinating hypnosis.
Background, trancy desire.
♫ Inspiration to be a respectful, strong, confident, gentle dominant.
Positive dominance.
♫ Be turned into a blank doll and teased with how much you enjoy it.
Triggers: Doll / Human + finger-snap.
♫ Easy-to-follow instructions for the perfect trance.
Wonderfully chill in under 10 minutes.
♫ Let the words wash over you and help you become such a good bimbo.
A happy, naïve, aroused bimbo.
♫ You were working so hard and now it's time to relax and unwind.
Comfort after a lot of hard work.
♫ I know how much you would like to surrender... but will I let you?
Teasingly guided into obedience.
♫ Bitten by something you slowly turn and enjoy the hunt... for a while.
Feeling powerful before being captured and subjugated.
♫ It's nice to embrace the wonderful intensity and mystery of the full moon.
A gentle, constant pull to desire by the moon.
♫ A strange dream in which you are taken to a castle and charged with pleasure.
Turning you on.
♫ Made to wear something I've chosen for you, for a party you know nothing about.
Gently forced fantasy.
♫ Getting a tattoo can be a wonderfully relaxing, arousing and submissive experience.
Tattooed with drugged ink?
♫ Exploring an old, closed theater that wasn't quite as empty as you'd hoped.
Toyed with and drained by an unstable vampire.
♫ What reward will wait for you on the other side of this complex maze?
Deeply lost in wonder.
♫ Prepared in pleasure and pain, as a toy for my and some strangers' pleasure, until there's nothing left.
WARNING: Degradation, strangers, force, restraints.
♫ I know you're comfortable, but there are other responsibilities right now and you will have to get up.
Get up, now.
♫ As you go first to that one house that has the best candy, you end up staying longer than expected.
Turned into a prop.
♫ It's so nice to relax... if only there wasn't something crawling over your skin.
WARNING: Quite unsettling and insects?
♫ A lovely, gentle bedtime story about a world of ghosts and their past.
Sweet story time.
♫ Imagine your mind as a beautiful flower, rich in color and shape.
Acknowledgement of your vulnerability.
♫ Just when you thought you had all the time for yourself...
Caught, spanked, denied and released.
♫ Progressive relaxation, releasing tension and simplifying your mind.
Quick, nice trance with some effort.
♫ A very special slut training, something to fill you required.
Fucked as a slut.
♫ Transformed into a wind-up toy that's ready to spring into action.
Doll-like and ready for chores.
♫ Just another day in your slut training, something to suck required.
Slutty oral training.
♫ Listening to this will wonderfully take away your choice and make you want to listen more.
Confusing, obedient trance.
♫ The unwitting start to your slut training, vibrator required.
WARNING: Forcing the inner slut, out.
♫ Walking alone, late at night, with nothing but the street lights to see by.
Controlled and coerced by shadows.
♫ A simple idea becomes a big adventure for a little one. Plushie recommended.
Surprise hug before sleep.
♫ What if someone has been watching you and now knows all the depraved things you want to keep hidden...
WARNING: Deeply unsettling.
♫ It is such a nice, energetic feeling that fills you with inspiration and life.
Filled with excitement.
♫ From feeling tense into wonderful arousal and desire.
Reminded of the fun of edging.
♫ When your head is too full of thoughts, it's so very calming to have them drained away.
Deep, calming trance.
♫ Just a little push will be enough to make all of your mind fall over.
Vulnerable for the next file.
♫ An old mythical cave pulls you in deeper and deeper into your own depravity.
Facing your own fantasies.
♫ Experience many of the wonderful things that hypnosis can do to you.
A deep dive into classic hypnosis tropes.
♫ You're aroused before I even began... How dare you.
Put in your place and denied.
♫ Join me for a nice cup of tea (or other drink of choice) and some conversation.
A glimpse into my thoughts.
♫ Stumbling through the desert, you have no choice but to walk towards green in the distance.
Trapped and taken by a snake.
♫ A simple bit of inspiration and a gentle story to help your unconscious to accept and grow.
Inspiration for self-esteem.
♫ As I stream my words into your unconscious I may spark some creativity.
Increased creativity.
♫ Something simple to help you feel more sexy and wonder about what it is.
Infectious thoughts.
♫ Would you ever get lost in the forest as you travelled to Grandmother?
Becoming part of the story.
♫ You have to earn my attention by keeping your focus on me while listening.
WARNING: Strict, direct, diminishing, dominating.
♫ Wrapped in the cool velvet blanket of the sky.
Relaxing visualisation induction.
♫ Typing can be a lot of fun when each letter gives a little wave.
Typing/writing arouses you.
♫ Allow yourself to focus on the unique and wonderful aspects of hands.
Deeper fascination with hands.
♫ Prepare to be appropriately appraised as the fucktoy you crave to be.
Objectified, touched and inspected all over.
♫ A visit to a new doctor ends up blissfully blank and programmed.
Experimental drug and inspection.
♫ Many people float into hypnotic states throughout the day without realizing, this will help.
Playful fractionation.
♫ Brainwashed into being made to like whichever file of mine follows next.
WARNING: Pushes comfort, brainwashing, strong dominance.
♫ Some confusing instructions to help you fall asleep quite nice and deep.
Rambling relaxation.
♫ Given as a gift to receive a slow feeling of being stripped of everything.
Stripped of clothes, will and time.
♫ This strangely powerful drug has a deeply entrancing effect on your body.
Drip-fed into numb arousal.
♫ Some wonderfully naughty motivation to expand your knowledge.
Arousal from studying/learning.
♫ Once you begin to listen, the need to touch your nipples and surrender to me is inescapable.
WARNING: Inescapable looping and re-listening.
♫ Enjoy a lovely fall into trance as you break through the surface.
Falling in trance practice.
♫ When the nude model doesn't show up, someone else has to take the stand...
Erotic Exhibitionism.
♫ Listen to the voice as it guides you out of the prison in this fantasy world.
Emotional adventure.
♫ Understanding and practicing flow state, to be more productive or creative.
Background concentration.
♫ Learn to react (even more) to certain words I use in this trigger glossary.
Strong reaction to a few specific words.
♫ Let's take a moment to enjoy staring at something while I guide you deep.
Suggests to go deeper with my voice.
♫ It's so nice to be tied up with rope, slowly... but not innocently.
WARNING: Involuntarily drugged by ropes. - Leaves you tied up.
♫ A submissive really needs to be shown care and attention sometimes.
Recharge through specific comfort.
♫ Listening to this is probably a mistake as there is no way out.
WARNING: Inescapable looping and re-listening.
♫ It's healthy to allow yourself to let out the feelings you've been bottling up.
Inspiration to vent (aftercare/comfort recommended).
♫ Slow buildup, clothed or not, to help you to edge and enjoy.
Soft denial, intense pleasure and trance.
♫ Become just like a kitten, playing with a ball of yarn.
Playful transformation.
♫ One of most appreciated departments in Nimja Incorporated.
Analyzing my words with arousal and obedience.
♫ A resistance game where there's no way to win anymore.
Forcefully tied down and conditioned.
♫ After a day of intensity, it's so nice to curl up under my desk and fall asleep at my feet.
Soft submission and obedient dreams.
♫ An innocent lunch takes on a whole different direction as you listen in on a strange conversation.
Hypnotized in public without knowing.
♫ Are you aware of how much effort your dominant does for you?
Submissive appreciation.
♫ Surprised by curious entity, which will take you no matter what you're doing.
Background taken by tentacles.
♫ Hypnotized and forced to feel many things... Can you stop yourself from touching?
Forced in front of a camera and crew.
♫ Swinging along as you let your mind wander into creative directions.
Soft, inspiring trance.
♫ Strap yourself in for some mental defragmentation at Nimja Incorporated.
Sci-fi bondage.
♫ Try to hold on to your thoughts as they keep slipping away.
Overloading to calm.
♫ Just in case you need more inspiration or motivation for physical activities.
Aroused to exercise.
♫ Experiencing and exploring a part of the rainforest.
Sense-rich induction.
♫ This file will make you lose control, to me, more and more. Mirror optional.
Deep obedience and surrender.
♫ Denial training, leaving you unable to orgasm without command.
Edging of mind and body.
♫ A quick, direct way to help you feel safer and comforted in busy times.
Reassurance and safety.
♫ A nice way to relax after a long day of distractions.
Erotic distraction.
♫ Travelling in space and time to wake up and go down again and again
Fractionation by travelling.
♫ Perhaps somewhat meandering, drifting through words that create some wanting.
Drifty, erotic confusion.
♫ A sci-fi pod to sleep in while being programmed to serve even more.
Serving sleeping file.
♫ Allow yourself to explore and unfold your submissive side even more.
Background deeper submission.
♫ Become as light and almost invisible as a wonderful bubble.
Thoughts popping away.
♫ Kidnapped during a holiday, you become a conduit for the gods in a most pleasurable way.
Taken as a sacrifice.
♫ Are you ready for a game where you get chased around in a garden maze?
Caught, released and caught again.
♫ It's so nice when you find a way to let those random thoughts fade away.
Calm, quiet head.
♫ As punishment for misbehavior, you've become something for the teachers to use.
WARNING: Touched, fucked, spanked, objectified. Aftercare recommended.
♫ A job interview at Nimja Inc. Apparently, no one ever remembers the details of their interview.
Forgettable fun interview.
♫ After storing who you are now safely away, I blank you into nothingness to be ready for whatever follows.
A blank slate without memory.
♫ Some simple programming to upgrade and install the routines to make you a good android.
Enjoying pleasuring, pleasing and chores.
♫ You've been a very good submissive and have earned some praise.
Warm, submissive compliments.
♫ Roughly prepared, drugged and strapped in, to be questioned against your will.
WARNING: Fear play setup for a next file.
♫ Something nice in the background while you go through your wake-up routine.
Waking up gently.
♫ Taking away all the worthless parts to rebuild something useful.
WARNING: Degraded, broken apart and build up to serve me. Requires aftercare.
♫ Surprised by some street magic while on a normal walk.
Magical astonishment.
♫ Something nice in the background while you go through your bedtime routine.
Winding down gently.
♫ Nobody really knows why and when those touches began...
Teased, possessed and coerced.
♫ You really shouldn't be listening to this.
Implied explicit eroticism.
♫ Focused on a single spot, taken down into nothingness, almost forgetting to blink.
Staring, obedience and surrender.
♫ A few words of inspiration to improve performance, productivity, creativity and comfort.
Inspiration to improve.
♫ Almost completely innocent instructions for oiling up your body pleasurably.
Requires nudity and body-safe oil.
♫ Understanding why you feel such a deep need to serve.
WARNING: Injecting memories, makes you more submissive to me and wanting to listen.
♫ A story about someone listening to a very... interesting file that takes their mind away.
WARNING: Suggests re-listening to more, touching and surrender.
♫ Will you become part of the legend that has been told and retold?
The cycle of life.
♫ Every flash can trigger another wave of pleasure that pulls you further down.
Pleasure with each firework.
♫ A moment away from busy times, in a gentle, flowing way.
Soft trance.
♫ Deeply pulling you back and forth into awareness, without listening.
Background, confusingly aroused.
♫ It can be nice to enter a state of becoming more open and responsive.
Become more suggestible.
♫ A moment of meaningless meandering about balance, giving and receiving.
Arousing, conversational trance.
♫ Practice before being a demo bunny at a conference.
Training to be an example of obedience.
♫ It's quite the reward to be transformed into a bimbo, isn't it?
Blissfully ignorant and superficial
♫ Perhaps calling a demon to become more powerful was not the best idea.
Trapped and conquered into the ritual.
♫ Practice pressing the back of your neck to go into a nice trance.
A button to go into trance.
♫ A file that takes your breath away as I wrap myself around you so tightly.
WARNING: Breath-play + Physical bondage.
♫ Searching for a nice gift in a clockwork shop, too nice to resist.
Made to work in the shop.
♫ It can be unwise to explore a magical library all on your own to find that one book.
Wonderfully lost.
♫ A whirlwind of emotions, happiness, sadness, obedience, arousal and more, pull you around and around until...
Intensity to complete, total calm. Aftercare may be needed.
♫ Being rocked to sleep while sitting on my lap, prepared for the nice dreams you deserve.
Feeling comforted as a little.
♫ Trapped in a never-ending loop of temptation where you are drawn to my voice, touching, obedience and more.
Looping temptation and desire to listen.
♫ Try out the new brainwashing pill by Nimja Incorporated! The best thing you won't remember.
Repeatedly blanking your mind until nothing remains.
♫ Show and grow your dedication by sharing and dedicating an orgasm to me.
Deeper obedience towards me, through an orgasm.
♫ A simple, progressive relaxation mixed with conversational tricks to help you relax mentally and physically.
Breathing and relaxing.
♫ Nobody has to know about how naughty your fantasies are... Although someone does.
Deliciously depraved desires.
♫ Allow yourself this moment of calm as your mind and the world slows down.
Time to relax and unwind.
♫ A bit of history and inspiration to become what you dress up as.
Embrace the darkness and costumes.
♫ Some forests are so old as to be lost in time and contain some dangerous beings.
Seduced by one of the fay.
♫ Invited to a very private gala where you are the only one with a beating heart.
Drained by many vampires.
♫ As you listen we build a powerful connection between you and a clay doll.
Random effects later in the day.
♫ Dared to go down into a basement during a tour in an old house leads you to...
Disorienting pleasure and trapped.
♫ Explore the world from a different perspective, or create art with your web.
Become an adorable spider.
♫ Visiting the house of a hypnotist as a not-so-innocent victim, tricked.
Poetic deep depth.
♫ Taken to a secret lab for some nice experiments from which you might be rescued.
Subjected to relaxation.
♫ Taken to a secret lab for some naughty experiments from which you might be rescued.
Subjected to arousal.
♫ Late at night, barely able to see. Hunted. Conquered.
Consensual fear play.
♫ Allow yourself to enjoy and unleash the feral instincts your mind contains.
Embrace your inner animal.
♫ Some lovely instructions to leave you drifting in desire, clothing optional.
Manipulative masturbation instructions while clean shaven.
♫ Varied visualisations and words without meaning that pull you along.
Meaningless meandering.
♫ Slow, steady build-up of desire and pleasure that flows over your body like waves.
Lingering waves of pleasure.
♫ A brief introduction into hypnosis and my channel.
Simple, quick trance.
♫ This isn't the game you're expecting, but it's the one you're getting.
Taking down the brat, leaving the submission.
♫ Simply follow along to let your mind wax and wane in attentive inattention.
Deep trance while repeating.
♫ A strange substance accidentally gets on your finger... And everywhere else.
WARNING: Turned into a helpless, horny latex doll.
♫ Your place of obedience is one to be treasured and remembered.
A gentle, strict reminder.
♫ From struggle into blissful, trapped emptiness, thanks to bondage tape.
Taped up, tied down.
♫ Do you remember the answers? Do you know why?
Submission and understanding.
♫ Enter a world of magic and mystery where you've been tasked to steal something special.
Magical bondage and brainwashing.
♫ At a party you are given a very nice drink that may contain something extra.
Drug induced obedience and arousal.
♫ From the heaviness of the launch to the weightlessness of space.
Lightness in your body.
♫ Some simple weaving words that wander through your mind, to find desire.
Deep arousal and trance.
♫ An interesting promotion leading into some very pleasurable training.
Sex and oral for the CEO of Nimja Inc.
♫ Some sweet support for when you're laying in bed with some warm milk, a cool cloth and a bedside story.
Healing sleep.
♫ A very strong, strict, dominating moment where I physically and mentally push you down.
Pushed down physically and mentally.
♫ A break from being responsible and tall, as a light and small creature, fluttering by.
Explore the world as a butterfly.
♫ Regardless of how you ended up here, you will be shaven everywhere, cleaned and prepared for the auction.
Prepared, controlled with implant and auctioned as a slave.
♫ Enjoy a complimentary massage that relaxes both your body and your mind.
Refreshing Relaxation
♫ A fun hypnosis challenge that you might want to share after you've won.
Relaxing trance and refreshing wake.
♫ A slow, teasing build up to remind you of how your body will feel if it gets to this state.
Deep craving to be taken.
♫ Fascinated by a hypnosis show you get invited backstage to help out... somehow.
Replacing the assistant.
♫ Subtly making your clothes so thin as to be almost invisible.
Transparent, light clothing.
♫ After this you can experience so many things again for the first time... again.
Perception shift to experience more.
♫ A gently dominating, comforting file where you become incredibly small to rest, protected, in the palm of my hand.
Sweet domination and comfort.
♫ Allow yourself a moment free of stress as you step away from the spotlight and fade into the background of your own life.
Peaceful recovery.
♫ A fantastic fall into illustrious insanity, inspired by the past.
WARNING: Broken into pieces of obedience.
♫ After making mistakes, it's important that you are put back in your place and face them.
Strict talking to (and some aftercare).
♫ A short, sweet fantasy where you become the replacement puppet in a marionette show.
A doll on strings.
♫ Causing a slow trickle, a deep dripping of your desire flowing from your legs.
Leaking lust, even after listening.
♫ Just like infinite staircases in every direction, words winding down your mind.
Wonderful confusion.
♫ Fall deep to my voice, become enslaved to my control and crave to listen more.
WARNING: Enslaves your mind, makes you listen to more.
♫ Shifting your body to become even more comfortable will only help you to go deeper.
Moving into more comfort.
♫ Some body painting is so good that it looks almost like you're wearing real clothes. Are you?
Sensual strokes into exhibitionism.
♫ Waking up in a cage and working hard to escape while arousal builds.
Build up to be taken and denied.
♫ Everything before now should have prepared you for this moment.
Learning to lose.
♫ Somewhere, deep inside your unconscious, there is a sculpture waiting to be revealed.
Chipping away your thoughts.
♫ A simple spark that grows into deep relaxation, from your mind to your body.
Background, rhythmical relaxation.
♫ Allow us to help you if you have any complaints about our products or services.
Brainwashing support line.
♫ From simple steps on a beach to a deep dive into a beautiful ocean experience.
Deep imagination.
♫ Listen to this if you want to find out the secret that you know.
Confusion and uncertainty.
♫ Mental relaxation while you stimulate yourself mentally or physically.
A fun way to orgasm more easily.
♫ You never quite know for sure when you're in a trance.
Awareness as you drift.
♫ How long can you enjoy the limited lucidity that you have left?
Tempted to let go even more.
♫ Listening to this might be even better when wrapped in a blanket.
Playful, comfy and warm.
♫ It can be both liberating and humiliating to show this perverted side of yourself.
Pleasurably humiliating masturbation.
♫ We're going to practice going into trance, in a moment.
Induction and fractionation
♫ Sweet, soft arousal, whispered into your ears while you do something else.
Background, teasing whispers.
♫ From a simple choice to being taught to obey even more.
Reinforcement of willingness to obey.
♫ Feel my words forming strings to suspend your thoughts.
Manipulated through strings.
♫ A simple reminder that helps the helpless to want to be taken.
Strengthening the "crave" trigger.
♫ Listening to a hypnotic file may have all kinds of effects, including some (un)expected.
Recognizing a trance.
♫ Repeating positive affirmations is much more fun with a reward.
Internal acceptance rewarded with arousal.
♫ A hint of strictness, a lot of hair-pulling and a keen awareness of how far you've dropped.
Deep obedient trance.
♫ From a humble beginning of sensation to the deep depravity of craving control.
Collection of reasons.
♫ A sheet of paper, a pen and the willingness to obey are paramount in following orders this time.
Learning by doing.
♫ A mysterious place where your mind is taken on an almost spiritual journey.
Creative inspiration through fantasy.
♫ Teased outside, guided into the state you desire to be and taken back to crave and maybe touch.
Fantasy with some participation.
♫ A few simple examples of what lucid dreaming can do for you.
Learn to control dreams.
♫ More momentary motivation to focus on a single task or goal at a time.
Help with focus.
♫ Becoming a very willing participant in arousal research at Nimja Incorporated.
Strapped down, mechanically stimulated.
♫ Feel really nice, heavy and relaxed until you don't want to move anymore.
Heavy relaxation.
♫ Subtle hinting at movements that you may not be doing consciously at all.
Absent masturbation.
♫ Selection of choice until there's simply no other option than going deep.
Confusing language into trance.
♫ A slow, delicious journey, waiting for a drop that may not happen like you think.
Fantasy-rich, almost feral falling into trance.
♫ Lean back and relax, let a moment of happiness wash over you.
A moment of peace.
♫ A strict session where you may be allowed to touch and orgasm if you pay attention.
Pay tribute and desire controlled orgasm.
♫ Experience some synesthesia as you become more aware of sound.
Patterns by sound.
♫ Some touches all over, though not too naughty, to tickle you into trance.
Pleasurably tickled.
♫ Brought under for a demo in a classroom after some nice preparation.
Semi-public naughty sensations.
♫ Sometimes words just pull you up and down... On purpose.
Many confusing ups and down.
♫ Transformed into a shell with no mind, nor body that you control.
Empty and obedient doll.
♫ Let go of your point of view and help yourself understand their truths.
Understanding for others.
♫ Approached by a stranger during a strange party where everyone wears a mask.
Tempted by the unknown.
♫ Surrender your control and embrace your submission.
A dream-like surrender.
♫ Some inspiration to go out there and connect with more people.
Socially more free.
♫ A moment of letting go into surrender, dreamlike and soft.
Gently put in your place.
♫ Walking into a fantasy that takes you down into a crisp world of reflections.
Beautifully lost.
♫ Leaving you gasping for more, craving to be taken deeper, no matter how resistant.
Sneaky conquering.
♫ A journey of imagination into all kinds of things that can be wonderfully calm.
Dreamy calm.
♫ A completely innocent induction, describing nothing out of the ordinary, probably.
Questionably neutral.
♫ Allow yourself to be overcome with wonderful waves of pleasurable warmth.
Slow, warm release.
♫ A soft gentle depth from which you are awakened with refreshing energy.
Refreshing waking.
♫ A very deep track in your mind that will be carved even deeper by listening.
Repeating, conditioning, desire to re-listen, obedience.
♫ Would a new product be a part of your life or become a new life entirely?
Mind-controlled by gadget.
♫ This would be a good time to realize that your mind is perhaps not entirely human.
Open to programming.
♫ Learn how to kneel, present and worship properly for your dominant.
Practicing positions.
♫ Become the powerful protector of a mountain, with deep awareness of your surroundings.
Transformation and adventure.
♫ Put in a transparent box, for others to see while you keep on listening to more.
Paralyzed and displayed.
♫ Open your mind to new knowledge and skills, learning with ease.
Taking in knowledge.
♫ It is fun to explore your own mind and find new things that have been hidden there.
Openly erotic mind.
♫ Surrender yourself as a gift for my birthday, serving me.
Objectification as a gift.
♫ As you are filled with pleasure and arousal, you are ready to share this gift.
Sharing arousal.
♫ A short, simple sleep file when you're excited about tomorrow.
Playful, effective sleep.
♫ It can be enjoyable to see how far you can push before I push back.
From bratty to subby through pleasure.
♫ Make sure you are ready for deeply frustrating feelings, lasting for a while.
Delicious denial.
♫ The tail end of a lovely slumber party with a sweet theme.
Cozy obedient company.
♫ From innocent tingles into blissful purpose and calm. It's all in your head.
Perfect, blissful obedience.
♫ It can be very nice to feel your body slowly being controlled.
Sensitive and slowly paralyzed.
♫ Simple tasks that provide you with a lovely feeling of purpose.
Background support during chores.
♫ An important message from Nimja Incorporated related to the Launch Party delay.
More enjoyment of my voice and being patient.
♫ Can your mind keep track of the passing seconds as the minutes fly by?
Altered perception of time.
♫ Discover how wonderful it can be to simply focus on serving.
Training and transformation into service submissive.
♫ Enjoy a bit of mental defiance, as I slowly tie up your body until it's time for your mind.
Mentally and physically bound.
♫ A really nice way to wake up, either after sleep or deep trance.
Orgasming awakening.
♫ Take a moment to step back from your emotions, so you can put them in the right place and move on.
Quick induction for emotional stability.
♫ Causing you to crave fractionation. Anticipating and desiring the drop, again.
Wanting to fall into trance.
♫ Transform into the plushie shape of your choice and become extra cuddly and fuzzy.
Fluffy, empty and simple.
♫ While the release can be somewhat distracting, anything you were doing will be more fun.
Background building to a nice orgasm.
♫ Standing defiantly in front of me will not last long when I grab your hair.
Pulled down to your place with aftercare.
♫ It's obvious that your thoughts could use a moment away, unseen and blank.
Blankly confusing.
♫ Allow me to hollow you out so you can be filled with hot air...
Empty, hot doll.
♫ Some ambiguous language, leading you into a state of mild confusion and comfort.
Short, submissive trance.
♫ Would you even notice if parts of your mind were changed or replaced?
My control deeper inside you.
♫ Deeper levels of fantasy, from trapped in web to the Sphynx and taken by the Kraken.
Physically, mentally and sexually taken.
♫ Sometimes everything appears too perfect. Is it though?
Doubting reality.
♫ This time your dreams are not an echo of thoughts, but inspired by something else.
WARNING: Intense emotions until drained.
♫ At times, fog appears to almost feel alive. Sneaking in through cracks and spaces.
A sense of foreboding.
♫ Feelings of fright might play with your mind in more delicious ways.
Arousing fear.
♫ A deepening journey through long caves, ending up at a beautiful lake.
Wonderful deep cleansing.
♫ An innocent elixir that has magically appeared in your kitchen cabinet.
A forgotten moment.
♫ What kind of virus would leave you a horny, brainless, bimbo slut?
Brainless until orgasm.
♫ Be the best you can be for an interview by embracing your own qualities and abilities.
Confidence and self-acceptance.
♫ Are you truly dressed or are your clothes just painted on?
Exhibitionistic feelings.
♫ Allow yourself to listen while remaining outwardly unaffected.
Unnoticed and unaware.
♫ Lay down on your stomach and let me take good care of you.
Sweet, erotic massage.
♫ A strange bedtime story from a long time ago that somehow was important to remember.
Wistful warmth and self-worth.
♫ Enjoy the slow sensual slide into trance with body and mind.
Erotic trance enjoyment.
♫ I will pin you down and you won't be able to escape... Nor will you fully know when.
Physical immobilization.
♫ Let's play a pleasurable game in which you'll want to lose, eventually.
Inevitable, pleasurable defeat.
♫ A special story in celebration of 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, recorded during the live.
Something nice.
♫ A simple, cool example of what you can do with just two icecubes and the surface of your back.
Shivering sensations.
♫ An experiment in mental programming, using actual code language.
Let trance = true.
♫ It really isn't so bad if your arousal is visible, is it?
Playful, visible arousal.
♫ Allow yourself to sink into a nice, cozy hammock and sway for a brief while.
Swaying and relaxing.
♫ How far would you go to see a play up close? And how much would you then enjoy it?
WARNING: Non-consensual teasing/bondage combined with deep fantasy.
♫ Repeated drops through spanks, in the most lovely if slightly painful way.
Deep, red trance.
♫ No matter who you are or where you are from, your sexuality is wonderful.
Deeper sexual acceptance of yourself.
♫ Let most of your body cool down as heat is pulled from everywhere else in your body to your naughty center.
Naughty heat displacement.
♫ Simple pats on your head to let you know that you've done well.
Pats on your head.
♫ Have you lost all ability to think or do you want to be brainwashed?
Looping brainwashing context.
♫ A story about my childhood together with help on how to inspire change in yourself.
Inspiration to change yourself.
♫ Follow along as I put you into a lovely state of hypnosis... soon.
Deep trance, eventually.
♫ So very aroused and yet unable to touch yourself would make anyone go a bit crazy.
Deep frustration.
♫ It's nice to have a talk about some random things that leave you in a nice trance.
Stealth-like induction.
♫ I will firmly put you in your place. You have no choice.
WARNING: Strict, stripping of will.
♫ Let your mind be taken to a safe, empty place while your body stays behind.
Safe room for your imagination.
♫ Time goes so much faster when you're a bit distracted by nice, or naughty, thoughts.
Background arousing thoughts.
♫ Let your mind soar over the world and inspire your dreams as your body falls asleep.
Flying dreams and restful sleep.
♫ Tied down completely in ropes until you can no longer move and have no choice but to listen.
Deep bondage.
♫ A short and simple file to help yourself calm down when feeling caught in loops.
Instructions to help against anxiety.
♫ Working late as a librarian, you find someone where they're not supposed to be.
Forgotten control.
♫ Feel yourself transformed and decorated with care and attention into a beautiful doll.
Dollified and displayed.
♫ You may not exactly know what's going to happen, but it's a little fun.
Comforting moment.
♫ Welcome to a world where you want to be free to be used.
Sexual availability.
♫ Become a bit doll-like as you get a dress fitted to you, to model later.
Hypnotized by a dressmaker.
♫ Let your body become an instrument that responds so beautifully to my voice.
Played by my voice.
♫ A very slow introduction into the enjoyment of pain, with a pinwheel, some spanking and a crop.
Deep subspace through pain.
♫ Recognizing someone famous has you approach to ask for... something you can't quite remember.
Hypnotized by a celebrity.
♫ While pleasuring yourself, listen to this and let yourself fall deep.
Multiple orgasms into submission.
♫ Enjoy some well-deserved relaxation of body and mind as you visit a nice massage parlor.
Hypnotized by a massage therapist.
♫ Does listening to my files corrupt your mind or merely reveal what was there before?
Plausible deniability.
♫ A few of the many ways to help you deal with overcoming scary things.
Ways to deal with fear and anxiety.
♫ Come in and sit down on a comfortable sofa as I help you relax before we start.
Hypnotized by a psychologist.
♫ Do I need to tell you what I could do to you in public? I see.
WARNING: Name-calling and causing noise.
♫ Can you follow the ball as I move the cups around? Are you sure?
Hypnotized by a street magician.
♫ Having difficulty sleeping and feeling obedient, you like this bit of wrestling in bed.
Draining dominance.
♫ Perhaps you've lost your mind, or maybe you just listened to something that did it for you.
Delicious blank thoughts.
♫ Be told to share some of your naughtiest desires with people around you.
Craving to tell fantasies.
♫ Visit a professional photographer in his studio and become his subject.
Hypnotized by a photographer.
♫ You just want to feel me whisper into your ear, making you obey and aroused and wanting more.
Brainwashy, obedient whispers.
♫ From a question to finding yourself shackled, cuffed and chained.
Submissively chained.
♫ A deeply powerful induction, holding your very breathing under my control.
Breathing when told.
♫ Trying to get some dirt on the curious corporation, you attempt to sneak into one of the offices.
Forced, pleasurable brainwashing.
♫ Explore the world through touch, as you become more aware of every texture and surface.
Sensual, sensitive fingertips.
♫ Whether you have a tail or want to grow one, this will make you feel it so nicely.
Growing (attached to) a tail.
♫ Just a quick file to get yourself wonderfully fractionated.
Quick fractionation.
♫ Expanding the spanking experience by mixing pleasure and pain all the way up to a release.
Impactful orgasm.
♫ Surprised during a walk in the forest, you have no choice but to fall to the pleasure.
Aphrodisiac poison and snake pleasure.
♫ Take a moment to listen to my voice and let yourself fall deeply into a wonderful hypnotic trance.
Induction and deepener.
♫ Prepared, stripped, cleaned and used as a surface for several courses of food and, probably, touched all over.
Body food fantasy.
♫ Focus on what you are doing and let go of everything else, as you surrender to the moment.
Background submissive feelings.
♫ Something to listen to in public, if you dare, while I tease you terribly.
Tempting you to make noise.
♫ Trying to find the one special prize during an egg-hunt has you going deeper into the woods.
Enjoyable surprising fantasy.
♫ 50,000 drops covering the world around you. Every one of them creating a small sound to help you relax.
A thank you for 50,000 subscribers.
♫ From the plane all the way down to the ground, the emotions and the rush all building up to a release.
Parachute jump with orgasm.
♫ Attempt to stay awake while still following along with the words, it's more fun than you think.
Visually rich resistance challenge.
♫ In preparation for a procedure, you were asked to come in to Nimja Incorporated.
Physical and mental examination fantasy.
♫ Helpful guidelines for enjoying hypnosis, both with someone and for recordings.
Proven precautions.
♫ Give yourself a moment of relief, no matter where you are.
Hands-on or -free orgasm.
♫ Be reminded of what you must do, in a way you can carry with you.
Body marking - Ballpoint pen needed.
♫ Explore and embrace a surprisingly common fetish that not many dare to speak about.
Intensifying or creating foot fetish.
♫ Enjoy the slow or quick tumble into a deep, safe place where you're free to feel really obedient.
Deep obedient trance.
♫ Sometimes your bed is just too comfortable and you need a bit of strictness to get out.
Push to get up.
♫ A fantasy, inspiration, instruction and advice to be able to orally serve men.
Less/no gag reflex.
♫ Embrace the motherly, care taking side within, as you let yourself be guided by my words.
Increased motherly behavior.
♫ The more people you have around you, the hornier you will become.
Frustrating desire.
♫ Feel the flame of your resistance diminish as it's slowly replaced by worship.
Enslavement to and worship of me.
♫ A different mental massage that helps your mind listen a bit more to my words.
Smooth, suggestible mind.
♫ Enjoying some naughtiness with your favorite teacher to earn a higher grade.
Teacher/student oral and sex fantasy.
♫ A web, suspended in a circle with feathers hanging from the bottom.
Filter against bad dreams.
♫ A different pose and more ways to become a fucktoy deep inside. Readying yourself to be used for pleasure.
Training fantasy.
♫ Who knows what happens when you enter the lair of a dragon... Will you ever come back?
Medieval dragon fantasy.
♫ Just a simple bit of hypnosis to make you feel a bit tipsy, happy and silly.
Easy fractionation.
♫ That sweet feeling when you're aroused and your body just becomes more sensitive.
Enjoyable arousal.
♫ No matter the reason: time, blockades or just forgotten... this can help you get it back.
Help in retrieving memories.
♫ Make a any pair of socks magical, able to trigger effects caused by any file of mine you play after.
Wearable trigger.
♫ Knowing how deep you are while you're being hypnotized is an interesting contradiction.
Educational confusion.
♫ One of the most intimate ways to be with someone, giving and receiving.
69 fantasy.
♫ A few gentle kisses, wherever you want, to help you feel better, warmer and more relaxed.
Healing kindness.
♫ Turned on, off and on again. Until your mind has no way to deactivate for a while.
Repeated activation.
♫ A bit of inspiration to help you get started with projects and reach your goals.
Motivation and encouragement.
♫ A file for every day of the year, or just once. Something enjoyable in any way you want.
Gentle excitement.
♫ Isn't it fun to use a corner of your mind to build the nicest blanket fort ever?
Safe place for your little one.
♫ Melt body and mind into a puddle and be reborn into a beautiful, sex-craved slime girl.
Slow, sexy transformation.
♫ Let's make your mind a little bit prettier and happier together.
Pretty positive thoughts.
♫ A slow fall into the sweet tempting loss of control that is arousal and denial.
Involuntary orgasm denial.
♫ Invited with the whole class to visit one of the Nimja Incorporated offices.
Class brainwashing.
♫ Not everyone wants to be a rebellious brat. In fact, sometimes you just want to be an obedient little.
Subby little transformation.
♫ Just listening to something while laying in bed. A memory, a dream or maybe a nightmare...
Kidnapped, drugged, programmed, oral and amnesia.
♫ Know that feeling when someone cleans your room and you can't find anything? Imagine that happening to your memories.
Temporary memory loss.
♫ Do you want to help me test this new, perfectly safe drug. To see how obedient it makes you?
Chemical obedience and more.
♫ Enjoy a tour around a sub-wing of the R&D department in Nimja Incorporated.
Multiple experimental trances
♫ A wonderful device to help prepare you for any mental or physical transformation that follows.
Experimental deep trance.
♫ Strapped down to an evil machine, intended to do only one thing. Tickle you until you can take no more.
Submission through tickling.
♫ Quick way to empty your mind of thoughts, just as you empty those bubbles of air.
Playful, bubble-wrap fun.
♫ A gentle transformation from person to pet, with kind pets on your head... Sleeping pillow optional.
Pet-like feelings.
♫ A slightly confusing but really not genuine induction that might pull you down after all.
Formless fractionation.
♫ Let yourself be inspired to dream by the naughtiest parts deep inside of you.
Sexy, slutty dreams.
♫ A simple, blanket-wrapped transformation to help you become even more beautiful than you already are.
Inspired lightness.
♫ A sweet, sensitive induction where your nipples get the focus.
Oral aureole attention.
♫ A warm place in front of the fire, a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a story.
Comfort and all is okay.
♫ A quick aide to help you stop swearing and cursing too easily.
Reduce swearing.
♫ While a walk in the forest can be very relaxing and calming, will it stay that way?
WARNING: Very dark, predatorial induction
♫ Sometimes you can't be sure of what you're seeing. But the shadows can be interesting...
Creepy visual uncertainty.
♫ Feel the desire to show how naughty you can be, exposing your body to those you like.
Exhibitionist desires.
♫ Who knows what strange phantoms float around in the darker times of the year... and what they might do.
Possessed to write something.
♫ Feel vibrations, touches and teases between your legs, making you shiver while you work or study.
Background hands-free orgasms.
♫ Caught by my web as you walk home... Guided deeper and deeper, unable to resist or escape.
Trapped in mind and body.
♫ Join one of my sexy seminars as I hypnotize the whole audience, causing deep arousal.
An erotic thank you for 25,000 subscribers.
♫ Just a bite is all you need to have a wonderfully regenerative sleep.
Healing vampiric sleep.
♫ A wonderfully positive and thankful induction to make you feel good.
Rewarding trance.
♫ Bare your back as you get ready to be whipped with a leather flogger.
Feeling the flogger.
♫ Become part of whatever you're watching after this. No matter what it is, nice or naughty.
Immersion into any character.
♫ Following an ad for a discount mind and body makeover at Nimja Incorporated, you decide to let it go a bit further.
Slutty bimbo transformation, oral service fantasy, desire to serve.
♫ Enjoy this change of perspective as you fly around as a fairy.
Exploring dream.
♫ Something from another world is about to cover your skin... and you might like it.
WARNING: Exponential, surprising arousal.
♫ Transform into a mermaid (or merman), and experience a beautiful landscape beneath the ocean.
Mermaid/man fantasy and transformation.
♫ A fun way to get aroused without any explicit touching or teasing... Or is there?
Growing desire.
♫ Let me into the driver's seat of your mind while you enjoy a relaxing, refreshing nap.
Visual nap.
♫ Be careful, once you start touching you might not be able to stop... or orgasm.
Looping, frustrating edging.
♫ Inspiration and guidance to learn to trust yourself and others.
Easier trust.
♫ Help yourself to feel more confident in your abilities and decisions.
Background confidence inspiration.
♫ You won't know what you're getting yourself into as I program your mind to be perfectly submissive and subservient.
WARNING: Enslavement!
♫ Let me help you avoid self harm, not just cutting. And let you know that it's okay to have scars.
Self harm acceptance and avoidance.
♫ There is a lot of enjoyment and pleasure in pain. Let this help you prepare yourself for upcoming sensations.
Pain/punishment preparation.
♫ Listen to your own, or perhaps someone else's, heartbeat. It can be so relaxing.
Slowing rhythm.
♫ Restoring your mind to that state before you knew so much more about sexuality.
Mental innocence.
♫ Experience a firm talking to. Putting you in your place and reminding you what to do and not to.
Putting you in your place.
♫ Invited to volunteer for a hypnosis stage show that goes a bit further than planned...
Masturbation and orgasm on stage.
♫ Enjoy a visit at the successful Correctional Health Institute to help you deal with the stress of life.
Strapped down brainwashing.
♫ Help your busy mind relax with this wonderful massage, free of charge!
Softer, more pliable thoughts.
♫ Let yourself sink into this sweet bath that is scented and salted with secret ingredients that help you feel good.
Deep, delicious arousal.
♫ Helping you relax by helping you stretch. Best used between other files.
Chance to readjust.
♫ Just a small showing of how I could brainwash you... Probably.
Surprising brainwashing.
♫ You're not alone in feeling homesick. It's okay to cry.
Homesickness aid.
♫ A sweet fantasy of floating on the ocean... Until tentacles grab you, and pull you deep.
Pulled into the abyss.
♫ A surprisingly evil end-user license agreement that you can't help but listen to.
Binding agreement.
♫ Completely wrapped in black foil, from head to toe. It's more intense than you think.
Intense cling-wrap bondage.
♫ Let yourself become more simple and stop overthinking. Embrace ignorance, it's good for you!
Lowering intelligence.
♫ Think less and feel more as you learn to accept that you can be sexy and desirable.
Sexy acceptance and sensitivity.
♫ A journey through the subconscious with speedy words flowing by.
Overloading trance.
♫ Playful, tempting and coercing words that wind down your mind until almost nothing remains.
Background teasing whispers.
♫ What goes through the mind of a dirty slut. What do you think about when seeing others.
Inspired dirty thoughts.
♫ A simple moment to deal with the stress around you and a nice way to feel better.
Comfort and safety.
♫ Are you wearing underwear or did you forget? This will make you doubt even more.
Wardrobe uncertainty.
♫ A playful, relaxing pet-like nap for those who wish to be comfortable and petted.
Short, petted nap.
♫ A delicious induction with a deep purpose that is all too clear from the title.
Serving through touching.
♫ Let me help you remember your dreams. Best before a sleep file.
Memory support for dreaming.
♫ A deep pull into depravity. To help you unlock those devious desires hiding in those dark corners of your mind.
Naughty deepener and fractionation file.
♫ An introduction and experience to playing with painful heat.
Hot temperature play.
♫ A sweet fantasy of us walking in town, to inspire your dreams.
Rewarding nice public fantasy.
♫ A sexy fantasy of us walking in town, to inspire your dreams.
Rewarding naughty public fantasy.
♫ Gentle pets as I help you to accept your submissive side.
Mental self-acceptance
♫ Erotic caresses as I help you to accept your desirable side.
Physical self-acceptance.
♫ Become part of a great audience and feel them listen and respond to my voice.
A thank you for 10,000 subscribers.
♫ Enjoy intense arousal, desire and deliciously helpless frustration as you feed me with your energy.
WARNING: Deep craving for pleasure and more listening.
♫ Become transformed into a service maid for your dreams.
Inspired submissive service dreams.
♫ Become transformed into a sexy maid for your dreams.
Inspired sexual service dreams.
♫ An early and nice assignment for the next day, just after you wake up.
Bonding assignment.
♫ An early and naughty assignment for the next day, just after you wake up.
Bonding assignment.
♫ You've deserved a very nice reward, so just lay down, relax and enjoy.
Nice massage.
♫ You've deserved a very naughty reward, so just lay down, relax and enjoy.
Naughty massage with penetration.
♫ Get a nice assignment for the next day, to remind you of your place.
Reminder assignment.
♫ Get a naughty assignment for the next day, to remind you of your place.
Reminder assignment.
♫ Become transformed into a nameless slave for your dreams.
Inspired slave dreams. Objectification.
♫ Become transformed into a nameless fucktoy for your dreams.
Inspired fucktoy dreams. Objectification.
♫ Enjoy a playful induction and mindset as we clear your thoughts for a creative game.
Playful creativity.
♫ A simple but effective way to be creative and find inspiration anywhere and everywhere.
Finding ideas.
♫ Could you be lucky enough earn the privilege of sitting under my desk to serve my feet?
Degredation to foot-slave.
♫ Haven't you always wanted to be a man? Embrace your masculine side, mentally and physically.
Transformation from female to male.
♫ Learn how to hypnotize with the power of your breasts.
Mesmerizing mammaries.
♫ Just a bit of fun as you explore a bit of hypnosis and forget your name for a while.
Forgetting your name.
♫ Lured into my house, manipulated into surrendering yourself to me mentally and physically.
Devious plot to tempt you
♫ I know you're still awake and it's bedtime... But, alright you've earned a story..
Sweet story time for boys.
♫ How often do I need to tell you what you are?
WARNING: Name-calling and humiliation.
♫ Learn how to accept yourself and feel more free in public.
Anti-anxiety and self-acceptance.
♫ When your mind is too full to relax, you need me the most.
Deep obedient trance.
♫ Sometimes it is nice to blush, but it can also be a bit embarrassing.
Private humiliation.
♫ Let go of your ego and join the great collective to broaden your mind.
Digital self discovery.
♫ It's been a hard day and you will have the rare chance to do something back.
Giving me a massage.
♫ What could happen if I was right there with you but not allowed to touch?
Tempting fantasy.
♫ A fun accompaniment for naughty thrusting, by any means.
Works best after other files.
♫ Some sweet assurance that everything will be fine.
Background emotional support.
♫ Made to be immobile yet with a deep desire to be used, ever so aroused and sensitive.
Powerless, horny sex doll.
♫ Almost everyone can be hypnotized, want to have a try?
Quick induction.
♫ A very enjoyable method of putting yourself in a deep trance.
Toy/dildo/plug required for induction
♫ Become smarter and more able to solve problems.
Smarter every day.
♫ A welcome way to allow yourself to embrace who you are.
Reducing shyness-related anxiety.
♫ Distracted in class and slacking on your studies, you've been called to my office.
Spanking correction.
♫ It's okay to need a bit of extra comfort sometimes. And here it is, if you want it.
Gentle comfort.
♫ Do you want to be tied up in public, naked and vulnerable? Left for any stranger to use you?
Setup fantasy for other files.
♫ Lose your ability to open your eyes through hypnosis, and enjoy the relaxation that it brings.
Unable to open your eyes for a few minutes.
♫ It is only right for you to be gagged. To be silenced. Just how you should be.
Deep need to be gagged.
♫ Slowly be transformed into a dog. Maybe not the first time you listen, but the next... or the next.
Subtle gradual changes.
♫ Begin your day or end your trancing session with a lovely, playful and above all innocent file.
Inspired, playful naughtiness.
♫ Your mind and your body are not your own, they belong to me.
Deeply possessed by me.
♫ Trance or hypnosis doesn't always go well. This is here to help you out.
Deep rescue.
♫ It's alright to feel empty with a deep desire to be filled.
Background toy need.
♫ This helps you feel less worried about flying. Can be listened to in the plane but requires an induction first.
Anti-anxiety for flights.
♫ A kind reminder of how nice it can be to keep things trimmed or shaven downstairs.
Encouraged private hygiene.
♫ It's okay to be bratty and to be naughty sometimes, but just as important to be put back in your place.
Disciplinary spanking.
♫ Just a story of something that happened, by request. Or were you the one requesting it?
Kidnapping fantasy.
♫ It's important to be reminded not only of your place in the world, but also that of your dominant.
Improved communication.
♫ Fantastic feel-good fantasizing, tempting you deeper along this path.
Background fucktoy education.
♫ Help me test something that may help you to feel better.
Perfection with a smile.
♫ Let yourself be present in the moment and grow more submissive from there.
Eagerness to serve.
♫ A small gift for a special day when everything is about you.
Inspiration and energy.
♫ A quick moment of peace to help you relax and shut out the world.
Obedient anti-anxiety.
♫ Let me tell you a short story about a friend who got wonderfully hypnotized.
Third person induction.
♫ A simple lesson in what hand to use when listening to me.
Off-hand control.
♫ A simple moment of putting a kitten to bed, petting included.
Cat-like sleepy-time.
♫ A slow, sweet, relaxing and intimate way to get into trance.
Deep, post-orgasmic bliss.
♫ Just a quick, playful little moment to prepare you for fun!
Cat-like playfulness.
♫ A fantasy about an examination that is perhaps more pleasurable than normal.
Intimate exam.
♫ Join me on stage as I show the audience how nice it really is to be hypnotized.
Fun Fantasy
♫ Who said that you had to sit still and relax to go into trance. Not me!
Playful, open-ended trance.
♫ Just a simple instruction for a simple induction.
Learn to listen.
♫ Some things do come to an end and you are left to deal with the pieces.
Help with grief.
♫ A stronger incentive to make yourself financially dominated.
WARNING: Donate $5 to earn each orgasm.
♫ A simple, useful wake-up file for after those long, intense playlists.
Just waking up.
♫ Struggling to escape, but tied down nonetheless... And then you have to listen to it again.
Looping bondage.
♫ Slowly be transformed into a cat. Maybe not the first time you listen, but the next... or the next.
Subtle gradual changes.
♫ You are fucktoy, you live for pleasure. And fortunately I've decided to toy a bit with you.
Toy needed! Delicious fucktoy usage.
♫ Let me take you for a strange, yet enticingly obedient ride.
♫ After a nightmare, there's nothing better than getting some little cuddly comfort.
Little one comfort.
♫ Let us do a trance with the whole class. Those who do best may get a reward!
Classroom trance.
♫ Dressing up is so much fun. And even more so when your mind gets in character as well.
Easier getting into character.
♫ You might be in over your head, but being inducted into the harem is something you've wanted for a long time.
Bisexual harem girl programming fantasy.
♫ An interesting experiment to see how you respond to being mentally turned into a zombie.
Slow of body and mind.
♫ A beginner-level program to help fucktoys become nice and mindless.
Losing ability to think.
♫ Late, dark, alone... walking on the street and not feeling entirely safe. What could happen?
Temporary enslavement by a vampire.
♫ Pleasurable reward every time you behave, no matter where you are.
Permanent positive reinforcement
♫ Underneath your muscle and skin, it is always present. Supportive, yet slightly creepy.
Internal awareness.
♫ A feeling where arousal and libido are running out of control.
Feral heat.
♫ After seeing an advertisement for brainwashing, you can't help but be curious about it.
Deep obedient conditioning.
♫ Improve your health and feel good about it too!
Background health improvement.
♫ Become my slave even more, with nanoscopic robots controlling you from the inside.
Enslavement through technology.
♫ A simple wake-up file to fill you with energy.
Energetic waking.
♫ Is it real, a bluff, or something different altogether?
♫ A slightly confusing, but generally nice file to help you feel maybe a bit surprised.
Confusion resistance challenge
♫ A weekly, personal training that will become stronger over time, telling you how to be.
WARNING: Deeply enslaving, creates dependency and dehumanizing.
♫ A possible validation of feelings deep inside, those of a service submissive.
Gentle service validation.
♫ It's been rough lately and you need something special, with tentacles, to unwind. So you come to me...
Intense, consensual tentacle fantasy.
♫ Travel with me to the far reaches of space and time, embracing the beauty of the universe.
Deep space travel.
♫ A journey through imagination, care and wonder. A place where you can belong and be your little self.
Childish discovery.
♫ Lay down and let me draw on your back with the tip of a knife. I promise I won't hurt you.
Obedience through trust.
♫ Become helpess to visuals, like, as you stare deeper and deeper...
More easily triggered by hypnotic visuals.
♫ Something to help you feel good whenever someone asks about it.
Trigger to feel pleasure on being asked how you are.
♫ A short file to help you feel more aware and self-trigger when something bad happens in trance.
Defense against bad suggestions.
♫ Paralysed below your waist, but able to feel everything... An unexpected visitor.
WARNING: Dark rape fantasy
♫ Remember that it's good to share and share alike, so don't be afraid to share a moment of happiness.
Playful and welcoming.
♫ Learn more about the mantra that has been inside your mind for so long.
Purpose and trigger.
♫ After agreeing to meet up, you are guided through town to a simple innocent cafe.
Public naughtiness.
♫ Something so simple yet so effective at putting you into little space.
Enjoying a pacifier.
♫ During a walk in the forest, a snake just wants to help you feel safe and sound.
Bondage, semi-paralysis and arousal.
♫ Playful puppies need to sleep sometimes and fortunately I know just how to do it.
Calming puppy bedtime.
♫ A somewhat public display of delicious spanking that may leave you wanting more.
Restricted spanking.
♫ A playful file for when you don't really want to sleep, but you do.
Playful resistance.
♫ Building up a deep need, a deep craving and desire for the release.
Controlled by arousal and obedience.
♫ Just a bit of positive inspiration to improve your confidence and self-esteem.
Motivational hypnosis.
♫ An inspiration to enjoy the many drops caressing your skin when you shower.
Playful, quick inspiration.
♫ Hypnotizing the interviewer on the air. Full interview at: (NSFW)
Public trance.
♫ Your thoughts leak out between your legs, until you have nothing left but sweet arousal.
Loss of mental capacity in favor of arousal.
♫ After days of walking, you stumble upon a strange house in the woods. You are invited inside... but should you?
Various potion fantasy.
♫ Sitting on a beach near the ocean, watching the sunset, breathing the salty air.
Sweet, deep visualisation trance.
♫ You deserve something really good while I watch you. I'm sure you'll like that.
Intense orgasm(s).
♫ Happy to just be, sitting close to the owner, enjoying the petting and letting go.
Mental puppy transformation and experience.
♫ Become something new as you let go of your former life.
Sacrificial enslavement.
♫ A wonderful wordy file to help you get into a story or book.
Book and story enjoyment.
♫ Inspired by - A quick file that leaves you open for suggestions by a trusted friend on Skype.
Open ended for suggestions.
♫ A wonderful remedy against knowing files too well.
Jumbling file memories.
♫ A deliciously dominating and explicit massage with a frustrating ending.
Explicit male denial.
♫ Tied up in a forest, and toyed with. Or is that played?
Bondage and teasing.
♫ Some tips and tricks from your friendly, neighborhood hypnotist.
Common guides for more enjoyment.
♫ Wouldn't you love the feeling of being slowly covered with latex?
Covered in black latex.
♫ Be careful. This file will inspire you to support me financially through Patreon or PayPal.
Desire to give money.
♫ An hour long journey through your deepest desires of being brainwashed and conditioned by me.
Living to pleasure and serve me.
♫ Allow yourself a moment to relax in this wonderful sensory deprivation tank.
Temporary disconnect from the world.
♫ Embrace what you know to be true deep inside.
More slutty through repetition.
♫ Remove all triggers and effects, including my own. Includes induction and can be repeated.
Thorough removal of triggers/effects.
♫ An attractive file that makes you, if possible, even more addicted and obedient to my voice.
WARNING: Addictive and forceful!
♫ Late one night, suffering insomnia, you arrive at the house of an established hypnotist.
Sneaky yet sweet fantasy.
♫ Be transformed into a perfect android fembot, a deeply servicing and serving robot.
Soft Reset required to untransform.
♫ Creative inspiration to get your mind in the right gear to produce something.
Inspirational induction
♫ Daydreaming can be so nice when you're a passenger. Moving, but not quite paying attention.
Background travelling companion.
♫ Something nice to wear beneath your clothes, although it may catch you off guard.
Bondage and stimulated arousal.
♫ An hour long, sweet, soft relaxation session that goes everywhere.
Physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
♫ If you feel you're not deep or obedient enough... This could help.
Repeated dropping and obeying.
♫ Learn how to hypnotize others and how it feels for yourself.
Educational induction.
♫ Removing all your limbs leaves you as a defenceless, powerless being.
Objectification and limb removal for one hour.
♫ Experience a state of both awareness and trance.
Curious induction.
♫ A delicious release while you listen and repeat.
Orgasm and obedience through repetition.
♫ Are you curious how long you can resist?
Long game of resistance.
♫ Allow yourself to take flight for a delicious moment of peace and inspiration.
Limitless freedom.
♫ Be careful, what you hear may not be true... And yet it could be, just listen again.
Looping, trapping fantasy.
♫ Just a little taste of the world, that's all you want.
Explorative desire.
♫ Fun little effect to make you want to lick intimate places.
Desire to give oral pleasure.
♫ Become (even more) mesmerized by the sound of my voice.
WARNING: Magical addiction to my voice.
♫ Upload this program into your mind during bedtime, to improve desire and serving.
Instilling arousal and serving.
♫ Just something to help you calm down about stuff.
Background anti-anxiety.
♫ A visit to your doctor for a small problem with arousal.
Hypnotized and teased.
♫ Recorded during the live event: Relaxing fantasy of floating and swimming with mermaids.
Deeply relaxing floating.
♫ Sometimes you need a some help to trust in your abilities.
Confidence boost.
♫ Painful punishment every time you misbehave, no matter where you are.
WARNING: Dark & permanent.
♫ No matter how you feel when you go into trance, it's okay.
Acceptance in trance.
♫ When you feel you just want to hump things...
Trance through movement.
♫ Help me record the opening scene of a movie, set in a crazy scientists' lab.
Movie set fantasy.
♫ A painfully short but delicious ritual for my horniest supporters.
Frustration and control.
♫ There are times when you just need to know that you're not alone.
♫ Something simple to help you sleep and become more obedient.
Bedtime obedience training.
♫ A simple study to test some responses to basic stimuli. Of course I cannot give you more details right now.
Medical test fantasy
♫ Recorded during the live event: Fantasy of arriving at the airport and being brainwashed in my house.
Slave fantasy and induction.
♫ Just an innocent drug to help you talk... about sex.
Sexual honesty for 1 hour.
♫ Be careful... You may never want to stop listening.
Looping, growing arousal.
♫ Of course it's never fun to have to go to bed, but perhaps I can give you a better place to play.
Inspired dreams.
♫ Sometimes, all a brat needs is to be challenged and conquered.
Playful submission.
♫ A blindfold makes it hard to see, so perhaps you should follow my guidance.
Quick, deep induction.
♫ Something to help you open up and enjoy being filled.
Toy/dildo/plug required for training.
♫ Feel the freedom of your floating mind, no longer inside your heavy body.
Deep trance.
♫ Enjoy a sweet encasement of soft, but strong clay all around you.
Complete clay bondage (including face & neck)
♫ Some helpful words to help motivate you to lose some weight. Listen to an induction first!
Healthy weight loss.
♫ Upload this program into your mind for improved servitude as a fucktoy.
Instilling deep obedience.
♫ A small gift for my loyal supporters, one that keeps on giving.
A deserved surprise.
♫ Just a quick, simple induction with lots of warmth and niceness.
Embrace based induction.
♫ The slow, slightly hot dripping of hot wax on your back is just so relaxing.
Candle play.
♫ Something gentle to help you sleep and inspire nice dreams.
Improved sleep.
♫ Warning: Device will increase libido while removing possibility for release.
No touching or orgasms, but heightened arousal.
♫ How nice of you to volunteer! Please, sit down and just try to relax and we'll see what happens.
Stage induction fantasy
♫ For the secret exhibitionists among us, unable to hide your feelings.
Always watched, by ...
♫ Please enjoy this complimentary treatment in our top-of-the-line facility!
Bimbo transformation fantasy.
♫ A dangerous transformation into an even more troublesome age.
Pre-teen age regression with sexuality.
♫ It's okay to embrace the good and the bad in yourself.
Think positive through repetition.
♫ A different place where you can belong, where you can find purpose.
Oral fucktoy fantasy.
♫ Will the happy little puppy come out and play?
Gentle puppy transformation.
♫ There is a deep storm raging inside of you, in need of release.
Deep feral buildup.
♫ Sometimes it's nice not to be able to talk so you don't have to think about what to say.
Unable to speak for up to two hours.
♫ When you need a reminder of your place... So come over here and bend over my knee.
Emotional relief through spanking. - Aftercare recommended after this.
♫ Just a simple focus induction on something different.
Simple trance without end.
♫ There is a lot of pleasure to be had in pain... But, are you ready for it?
Link between pleasure and pain.
♫ A scary file that will make you believe that your house is haunted.
The jitters.
♫ A gentle reminder to help you not forget what to listen to.
Mental virus.
♫ Enchant others with your lovely playful self. It's good to spread the joy.
Confident playful flirting.
♫ Are you ready to crave something deeply naughty... over and over again?
Relentless repeated craving.
♫ A simple, gentle file to help you sleep with no more than a few whispers.
ASMR sleep file.
♫ Attempt to resist the temptation of touching yourself, as touching means surrender.
Surrender through desire.
♫ Just a nice moment to relax your body and your mind.
Simple induction, deepener and waking.
♫ Once you begin there is no way out. Do you dare put this on repeat?
Looping enslavement.
♫ Welcome to Nimja Incorporated, please be seated and put on your headphones.
Interesting indoctrination.
♫ Daily instructions to make your breasts lactate, combined with some gentle hypnosis.
Induced lactation through training.
♫ Something nice to relax your mind while you work your body obediently for about 10 minutes.
Physical and mental induction.
♫ Do you wish to learn your place? Do you crave to understand your purpose?
Given purpose and degraded.
♫ A soft, unyielding place to be kept. Do you feel safe, or trapped?
Short fantasy about being in a velvet-lined cage.
♫ Fall asleep in your post-orgasmic glow, while I program your mind.
Orgasm, sleep and obedience.
♫ A simple file to help quiet your mind. Good to prepare for other files or simply to help with stress.
Clearing thoughts
♫ Walking the streets at a late hour, you are seen... noticed and taken against your will.
Rape fantasy.
♫ Just let it happen, it's perfectly alright to blankly keep your mouth open and...
Subconscious but enjoyable drooling.
♫ A nice file to toy with, leaving you sweetly satisfied and deeply entranced.
Guided clitoral vibrator masturbation.
♫ Just something nice to relax with, with no expectations in any way.
Nice relaxing trance.
♫ Even if you've done something wrong, forgive yourself. It's okay to stop worrying. You're allowed to make mistakes.
Forgiveness and acceptance.
♫ A 5 minute power nap to refresh you when you're all too tired.
Quick refreshing nap.
♫ Just a warm, gentle, simple way to wake up. Now with added hugs.
Easy and comfortable waking up.
♫ Look at everyone, every gender. See the beauty and sexiness inside.
Sexual liberation and enjoyment.
♫ Gaze into a mirror or your partner's eyes and join them in desire, with release.
Masturbation for two people, or one with a mirror.
♫ Gaze into a mirror or your partner's eyes and join them in desire, without release.
Masturbation for two people, or one with a mirror.
♫ Gaze into a mirror or your partner's eyes and see them slowly go into a trance.
Induction for two people, or one with a mirror.
♫ A gentle introduction into a deep world of trance.
Deep, nice trance.
♫ A background file to help you out with studying or practice.
Enhanced focus.
♫ Warm up with a soft blanket.
Physical warming.
♫ Cool down with a gentle breeze.
Physical cooling.
♫ Thank you for participating in this valuable experiment, please take a seat and relax.
Deep, enjoyable trance.
♫ Celebrate my 100th hypnosis file by doing something for me...
A dedicated orgasm
♫ Required activities have never been so inspiring. A spark of arousal in the twilight of tasks.
Chores trigger arousal.
♫ Whispered wonderfully into an erotic state of trance and arousal.
Arousal and deep trance.
♫ Something to help you deal with the intensity of everyday life.
Help with anxiety and intense emotions from others.
♫ Sometimes, especially after something intense, you need some care.
Slow, long aftercare.
♫ Late night in bed, falling asleep and dreaming... Or are you?
Tentacle fantasy in bed.
♫ Called to the front of the class and put in your place, deeply.
Humiliation fantasy in a classroom.
♫ Falling asleep gently and obediently in Sir's arms.
Put to a submissive sleep.
♫ A simple trigger to cause deep desires.
Desire X and desire fade trigger.
♫ A sweet simple journey into a relaxing deep trance.
Simple deep trance.
♫ You, a mirror, a changed reflection and a lot of naughty touching...
Gender transformation and interaction.
♫ A touch of pleasure before you sleep.
Delicious trance and sleep.
♫ A semi-subliminal obedience file to have on while doing other things.
Background file to inspire obedience.
♫ When arousal gets so strong that you cannot help but feel it...
Short, but powerful arousal.
♫ A playful, secret way to put a little girl to bed.
Recursive bedtime trancing and sleep.
♫ Taking and displaying control over your mind and body, placing it as I will.
Deep trance and obedience, including body control.
♫ A simple relaxation induction, combined with fractionation and deepeners.
Induction without waking, with fractionation.
♫ Instructions to touch but none to release.
Unable to orgasm without command.
♫ Try to stay awake as you are slowly and deeply conquered.
Deep trance, focusing on resistance.
♫ Listen at your own risk! Enslaves you completely, making you mine. You have no choice anymore...
Enslavement, deep trance and basic rules.
♫ A delicious anaesthetic, guiding you in a deep trance without end.
Induction without waking, based on breathing/gas.
♫ A lovely, sexy, erotic way to be put into a deep trance for another file.
Induction without waking, based on slow seduction.
♫ Something to find the little girl inside of you and help her feel safe and hugged.
Internal trance and embracing of little self.
♫ A quick file to help you relax your nerves before an exam or presentation.
Calming your nerves
♫ Take some time to embrace what and who you are.
Self-acceptance and love.
♫ There's nothing quite like giving your Sir a good morning.
Oral pleasure while Sir is waking.
♫ A gentle, spiritual journey through the four elements in you.
Relaxing slow induction
♫ Deep, intense and frustrating arousal without a single touch.
Intense arousal without orgasm.
♫ A warm relaxing way to go down before the next file.
Induction without waking, based on shower.
♫ By request a devious file for a deviant place.
Arousal for anal attention.
♫ A good morning file to start the day with delicious desire.
Arousal triggered upon waking up (by me or by alarm)
♫ Put away a whole night long... Combine this with the Control Induction for an amazing night!
Objectification and isolation, yet protected and treasured.
♫ Let go of the past. Embrace the future. Allow yourself to have nice things.
Deep trance to put bad memories into perspective and embrace the possibility of good experiences.
♫ Shackled on wrists and ankles, without end...
Induction without waking, based on bondage.
♫ A safe, wonderful place at sir's feet. A place to surrender, feel small and let go.
Subspace and surrender.
♫ When your emotions need some time off, when your mind wants to run away, when the world is just not great and you need...
Deep relaxing trance and emotional relief.
♫ WARNING: Brainwashing/programming file. Listen only if you want to become a Mindless Fucktoy. - Adds triggers for owner, limits reprogramming to Nimja.
Triggers in this file: activate, hot, crave, touch, cum and deactivate. (prefix trigger with "fucktoy")
♫ A journey going nowhere and everywhere. Words guiding you into dreams and fantasies.
Dreamlike, slow induction
♫ Touching instructions for an orgasmic induction and surrendered seduction.
Deep surrender after an orgasm.
♫ A deep induction focused around control, without an end...
Induction without waking, based on control
♫ A well-earned, intense and warm reward for a female sub.
Massage and happy ending.
♫ A gentle whisper induction. My take on an ASMR recording.
Deep trance and mental image trigger for calm.
♫ A moment of peace no matter where you are.
Quick deep trance for a mental reset.
♫ A story and journey about finding the slave inside.
Put you in a slave state and ask a show of dedication.
♫ Even good girls and boys need to learn how to behave, don't they?
Corrupted/naughty feelings that last for a while.
♫ A good way to get more out of every piece of candy. Much more.
Kinky thoughts after eating candy.
♫ Anywhere and anytime you could be erotically assaulted by ghosts.
Ethereal arousal.
♫ Wrapped up in the curse of the mummy.
♫ Cursed by a witch to be transformed into a black cat. You might as well embrace it.
Emotional and physical transformation into a black cat.
♫ You've been bitten by a werewolf. We all know what happens next. Or do we?
Emotional and physical transformation into a werewolf.
♫ What if you had the chance to sit at my feet, serving me. What would I make you do?
Making you obey me and serve me.
♫ A gentle, wonderful relaxing way to relieve pain.
Trigger: "It's okay to relax" to help you relieve pain.
♫ It's important to do your chores, but sometimes you need some help.
Obedience and doing chores
♫ WARNING - Will remove ALL triggers and effects, EXCLUDING mine! Intended to help remove bad influences.
Free of all triggers, effects and suggestions EXCEPT for my trance trigger.
♫ Comfort. For those times in the middle of the night when something, a dream, nightmare or otherwise has woken you up.
Comfort, sleep.
♫ Haven't you always wanted to be a woman? Embracing your feminine side and the beautiful curves your body should have?
Transformation from male to female.
♫ WARNING - Will remove ALL triggers and effects, INCLUDING mine! Intended to help remove bad influences.
Free of all triggers, effects and suggestions.
♫ WARNING - This file will remove all active and post-hypnotic effects, but will NOT remove trance triggers inside files.
A clear head, but still easily able to trance with my (or other) recordings.
♫ Blissful hypnosis with pleasurable results for all genders! No need for touching, but you might need to clean up later.
Orgasms without physical or hypnotic touching.
♫ Bind your body, mind and all your senses until not even time remains.
Sensory deprivation and deep trance.
♫ Suggested by the 500th subscriber: Become aroused by these instructions to touch... but not "there".
Arousal through touching with a nice trance.
♫ A good induction for beginners and veterans alike, welcoming my new spiral background (on YouTube).
Deep trance with a spiral.
♫ A file to listen to while watching:
Deep trance through spirals.
♫ A soft file to help you clear your head of anxiety, insecurity and worry.
Calming and cleansing mind/soul.
♫ Sometimes you just want to forget everything, think nothing and exist only as a toy for your owner to use for their pleasure.
Install trigger to become a fucktoy for trusted people.
♫ A strange experiment: It begins to put you in a nice trance... Then begins again... and again...
Deep trance experiment.
♫ Requires a glass of water. Maybe it will contain a drug that leaves you suggestible...
Left suggestible through feeling drugged.
♫ A soft, gentle induction. To make you warm, safe and protected and nothing more.
Induction and protection.
♫ Maybe going to the bathroom wasn't such a good idea. Although...
Fucked by slimy tentacles.
♫ Frustration, arousal and desire. But no touching!
Increased arousal without touching.
♫ A good servant learns how to serve their owner well.
Learn to serve through repetition.
♫ The second file you should listen to, after Introduction Induction, to learn how to respond to my trigger.
Explicit setting of trance/obedience trigger, used in my other files.
♫ Useful file to wake up nice, bright and refreshed. Especially in the morning.
Quick wake-up feeling.
♫ An active way to help you sleep, feeling more obedient as well.
Fall asleep all relaxed and obedient through repetition.
♫ For when you want to feel arousal. Intense, fiery arousal.
Very strong arousal through repetition.
♫ For those that desire, deep inside, to obey completely.
Obedience training through repetition.
♫ Embraced by the coils of a certain snake. My pretty morsel, my prey. It is time to sleep, time to surrender. Time to submit.
Fall asleep while in snake bondage.
♫ Just a quick simple file by request to turn you into a lovable, playful, relaxed and curious cute kitty.
Set a cute kitty trigger.
♫ Make yourself eat better, lose weight and feel better by repeating my words and repeating this file.
Improve physical health through repetition.
♫ Feel better about yourself, repeating my words.
Improve self-image through repetition.
♫ Welcome, my tiny human. Come to my coils and feel yourself lulled into submission... My prey.
Snake bondage and domination.
♫ You are a toy, an object that will be placed safely away when not used.
Objectification and storage.
♫ First bound, without your neck, then made to sleep.
Fall asleep, while being bound (no neck).
♫ First bound, including your neck, then made to sleep.
Fall asleep, while being bound (with neck).
♫ Hands-free orgasm with a background file. Listen to this anywhere!
Background file to increase arousal and generate orgasm.
♫ A quick and powerful moment by your dominant. But you won't remember.
♫ A ritual for cleaning.
Ritual for cleaning.
♫ A ritual for eating.
Ritual for eating.
♫ A ritual for sleeping.
Ritual for sleeping.
♫ A ritual for peeing (male only).
Ritual for toilet, male.
♫ A ritual for peeing (female only).
Ritual for toilet, female.
♫ Something to listen to while sucking and to improve the experience for both involved.
Increased arousal and focus on the sucking object, plus orgasm.
♫ Carefree and careless. Who wants to buy some shoes?
Mental diminishing and open mind.
♫ When you thought your bed was safe... Tentacles seduce and conquer you.
Taken and fucked by tentacles.
♫ Sometimes all we need is to be held. To feel a warm embrace of strong protective arms around us.
Feeling held and protected.
♫ A lovely real fantasy about walking through a forest and having nature take you.
Bound, trapped and fucked by vines/tentacles.
♫ Fractionation is fun! By pulling you down and up again you will feel so wonderfully fuzzy.
Fractionation and deepening.
♫ Who doesn't want to be turned into an obedient, horny, wanting slut?
Increase arousal, sluttiness and obedience.
♫ Something to listen to while doing something else, making you aroused!
Background file to increase arousal.
♫ Will you survive the bite of a vampire? What will you lose? Your sanity? Your control?
Fantasy experience, inspire obedience.
A naughty feeling with every handshake!
Touched between your legs with every handshake.
♫ Everyone needs to feel a good spanking sometimes, just to remember their place.
Spanking session with reward/orgasm at the end.
♫ Hands-on masturbation session for women, with a release!
Build-up with release for women.
♫ Hands-on masturbation session for women, but without a release!
Build-up without release for women.
♫ Full-body bondage, except for the neck! It always feels good to be obedient and bound.
Full-body (except neck) bondage with rope, inspires obedience.
♫ Full-body bondage, including the neck! It always feels good to be obedient and bound.
Full-body bondage with rope, inspires obedience.
♫ A file that helps you to sleep and trains you to be more obedient.
Fall asleep after obedience training.
♫ A gentle sleeping file, helping you relax and feel embraced for a wonderful sleep.
Fall asleep afterwards, feeling held.
♫ A simple sleeping aid, working from a progressive relaxation with some gentle cuddling.
Fall asleep, feeling very relaxed.
♫ A gentle induction to get to know me or to start experiencing hypnosis.
Introductory induction.
Some hate it and some are forced to have a pop of arousal each time...
Arousal on popping a bubble.
Those soft, sensitive spheres need some more love.
Lactation through stimulation.
Cause your body to leak; drool or even drip down below.
Drooling and/or incontinence.
Just a simple effect to lift up your spirits!
Positive thinking
A quick script to turn you on!
A nice warm hug for a simple short moment.
Embraced effect.
Guided through a deflowering, be it as boy or girl.
Losing your (anal/vaginal) virginity.
A nice quick refreshing nap.
Quick relaxing trance.
Small and humiliated, exactly as you should be.
Deep humiliation.
A "one-handed" script that instructs you to do a bit more than click.
Masturbation based induction.
Thinking is too hard and shoes are too much fun!
Turned into a bimbo.
A more feminine mind and body.
A wonderful obedience training module for more experienced subs.
Deeper obedient trance.
Become any type of doll you can imagine.
Doll transformation.
Become any furry animal you can imagine!
Fur and feelings.
Do you like the idea of being tied up completely, unable to resist?
Bondage induction.
Are you addicted to obedience? Do you want to be?
Addiction to this file and being obedient.
Fantasies and variations for those desiring to submit.
Guided dreams for when you sleep.
A nice long induction where you follow basic instructions.
Deep trance.
A wonderful obedience training module for beginners.
Deep obedient trance.
A mixed induction to guide you into a deep trance.
Deep trance
A nice script for feeling heavy and relaxed. A very basic induction to get started.
Heavy nice trance.
The feeling of sitting in a nice warm bath.
Warm, soft trance.