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47 - Clean Reset

◎ 4,076 ▽ 4,955 - 2014-10-08Details
Description WARNING - Will remove ALL triggers and effects, EXCLUDING mine! Intended to help remove bad influences.
Intended Effect Free of all triggers, effects and suggestions EXCEPT for my trance trigger.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided by hypnotist Nimja to remove all post hypnotic effects and triggers from their mind. Nimja instructs the listener to imagine standing in front of a blackboard and visualizes all the triggers and effects appearing on the blackboard. The listener is then guided to count back up as Nimja cleans the blackboard, leaving it perfectly clean with no trace of any previous effects. The listener is assured that they will remember all the triggers and effects but they will no longer have any effect on them. The file ends with Nimja giving the listener the option to listen to the file again or listen to "Hard Reset" to remove Nimja's influences as well. The listener is left with a sense of safety and relief.

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