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Official time: 2020-08-02 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

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Official time: 2020-08-16 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

Nimja Live

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Upcoming Live: Choose Theme

5 days

Voting will start in 5 days.

Nov 2021 - UK Recreational Hypnosis Workshop in Wales

More info will follow as we know if/when this will happen.

Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

I run a meetup every 2 months in Amsterdam, where me and other presenters give workshops related to erotic hypnosis. On hiatus for now.

Want me for a workshop?

Contact me if you have a venue or want to know more.
Or read what I've done in the past.

About Nimja Live

When is Nimja Live?

On my YouTube channel, every first Sunday of the month, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

When is Nimja Live Light?

On Discord, the third Sunday of even months, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

Only for Gold and Silver Patrons

What happens during a live event?

It takes about 1.5 hours, The basic structure of the live event is:

  • Introduction and discussing the theme
  • Hypnosis itself, induction, effect, fantasy, etc.
  • Q&A
Past Nimja Live Events

Last 10 Nimja Live Events

A visit to a new doctor ends up blissfully blank and programmed.
21:02 - Experimental drug and inspection.
This strangely powerful drug has a deeply entrancing effect on your body.
23:03 - Drip-fed into numb arousal.
Listen to the voice as it guides you out of the prison in this fantasy world.
24:18 - Emotional adventure.
A resistance game where there's no way to win anymore.
24:15 - Forcefully tied down and conditioned.
Hypnotized and forced to feel many things... Can you stop yourself from touching?
30:10 - Forced in front of a camera and crew.
Experiencing and exploring a part of the rainforest.
19:42 - Sense-rich induction.
Are you ready for a game where you get chased around in a garden maze?
25:02 - Caught, released and caught again.
Some simple programming to upgrade and install the routines to make you a good android.
17:32 - Enjoying pleasuring, pleasing and chores.
Surprised by some street magic while on a normal walk.
18:17 - Magical astonishment.
Practice before being a demo bunny at a conference.
18:00 - Training to be an example of obedience.

Older Lives And More