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5d 08:11:25 remaining until the next live event!

Official time: 2017-04-02 22:00:00 CEST

Upcoming Live

Upcoming Live: Humiliation

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In Person: Place De Nous, Belgium, end of April

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Previous Events

Become smarter and a bit more able to solve problems.
13:34 - Smarter every day.
Your mind and your body are not your own, they belong to me.
16:51 - Deeply possessed by me.
Join me on stage as I show the audience how nice it really is to be hypnotized.
21:27 - Fun Fantasy
Let me take you for a strange, yet enticingly obedient ride.
25:39 - Clarity.
After seeing an advertisement for brainwashing, you can't help but be curious about it.
27:28 - Deep obedient conditioning.
Travel with me to the far reaches of space and time, embracing the beauty of the universe.
21:52 - Deep space travel.
After agreeing to meet up, you are guided through town to a simple innocent cafe.
16:26 - Public naughtiness.
After days of walking, you stumble upon a strange house in the woods. You are invited inside... but should you?
34:13 - Various potion fantasy.
Tied up in a forest, and toyed with. Or is that played?
23:32 - Bondage and teasing.
Just a little help to get your mind in the right gear to create.
17:56 - Inspirational induction
Are you curious how long you can resist?
31:21 - Long game of resistance.
Recorded during the live event: Relaxing fantasy of floating and swimming with mermaids.
19:34 - Deeply relaxing floating.
Recorded during the live event: Fantasy of arriving at the airport and being brainwashed in my house.
28:12 - Slave fantasy and induction.

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About Nimja Live

When is Nimja Live?

The live events are every first Sunday of the month, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

What happens during a live event?

The basic structure of the live event is:

  • Small introduction, discussing the theme.
  • Induction (length varies).
  • Fantasy or effect, based on the theme.
  • Waking (one would hope).
  • Q&A after the session.

How long is Nimja Live?

About 1.5 hours.

Where can I see it?

Streaming on my YouTube channel, on any device and connection that supports it!