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5d 05:41:26 until Nimja Live!

Official time: 2023-06-04 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

19d 05:41:26 until Nimja Live Light!

Official time: 2023-06-18 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

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Upcoming Live: Starlit Lookout

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Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup

May 21, 2023

The new and improved location of the meetup, in Apeldoorn!

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UK Recreational Hypnosis Workshop

November 3-5, 2023

The absolutely wonderful yearly hypnosis event in Wales. With so many great people, like Imaginatrix, SensualSpiral, MrSnake, Theatrics, Matsuru and Sinister.

HYDE 2024

April ??, 2024

Yes, it will happen again!

About Nimja Live

When is Nimja Live?

On my YouTube channel, every first Sunday of the month, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

When is Nimja Live Light?

On Discord, the third Sunday of even months, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

Lighter, because...

What happens during a live event?

It takes about 1.5 hours, The basic structure of the live event is:

  • Introduction and discussing the theme
  • Hypnosis itself, induction, effect, fantasy, etc.
  • Q&A
Past Nimja Live Events

Last 10 Nimja Live Events

Live 82 - Embrace Your Kink Talking about accepting who you are and how you want to express your desires. 20:05 - Healthy, consensual acceptance.
🔒 Live Light 33 - Free Use Explaining the concept of free use with lots of examples. 24:56 - Wanting to be free used.
Live 81 - A Night In The Jungle Exploring the Jungle to find a flower that only grows at night. 19:13 - Finding something nice.
Live 80 - Pet Personality Upload Experience the implant of a little chip, the upload and a very playful pet mode. 16:59 - Temporary pet mode.
🔒 Live Light 32 - Alien Machines You find a device that feels very, very good to use. Maybe too good. 18:29 - Trapped by alien pleasure tech.
Live 79 - Mental Unpacking Let's make some space to sit down and organise your thoughts. 16:12 - Unpacking and sorting old thoughts, ideas and feelings.
🔒 Live Light 31 - Drone Factory Tour A nice private tour of a Nimja Inc (human) drone factory, providing a complete understanding. 35:57 - Lured into dronification.
Live 78 - Magic Shackles Tempted to put on metal shackles for your wrists and ankles that you somehow have. 21:37 - WARNING: Implication of longer conditioning/enslavement through shackles.
Live 77 - Serve, Submit, Surrender A gentle journey starting with a simple task to serve and leading into surrender. 24:33 - Deeper submission.
🔒 Live Light 30 - Scientist Fixation Perhaps the devices around you are following instructions by someone else... 24:01 - Possibly manipulated by tech around you.

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