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Official time: 2018-11-04 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

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Official time: 2018-10-21 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

Nimja Live

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Upcoming Live Light: Legendary Leviathan Lust

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Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - November 2018

A simple, in person meetup in Amsterdam, early November.
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In person: Wales - November 2018

I will be presenting/giving a workshop during a hypnosis event in Wales.
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About Nimja Live

When is Nimja Live?

On my YouTube channel, every first Sunday of the month, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

When is Nimja Live Light?

On Discord, the third Sunday of every even month, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

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What happens during a live event?

It takes about 1.5 hours, The basic structure of the live event is:

  • Introduction and discussing the theme
  • Hypnosis itself, induction, effect, fantasy, etc.
  • Q&A
Previous Nimja Live

Previous Nimja Live Events


A deepening journey through long caves, ending up at a beautiful lake.
24:14 - Wonderful deep cleansing.
A simple, cool example of what you can do with just two icecubes and the surface of your back.
12:46 - Shivering sensations.
Repeated drops through spanks, in the most lovely if slightly painful way.
12:54 - Deep, red trance.
A story about my childhood together with help on how to inspire change in yourself.
21:09 - Inspiration to change yourself.
Feel yourself transformed and decorated with care and attention into a beautiful doll.
18:27 - Dollified and displayed.
A very slow introduction into the enjoyment of pain, with a pinwheel, some spanking and a crop.
25:11 - Deep subspace through pain.
A few of the many ways to help you deal with overcoming scary things.
18:59 - Ways to deal with fear and anxiety.
From a question to finding yourself shackled, cuffed and chained.
21:47 - Submissively chained.
Surprised during a walk in the forest, you have no choice but to fall to the pleasure.
27:22 - Aphrodisiac poison and snake pleasure.
Trying to find the one special prize during an egg-hunt has you going deeper into the woods.
17:13 - Enjoyable surprising fantasy.
Enjoy the slow or quick tumble into a deep, safe place where you're free to feel really obedient.
26:53 - Deep obedient trance.
Feel the flame of your resistance diminish as it's slowly replaced by worship.
28:24 - Enslavement to and worship of me.
Who knows what happens when you enter the lair of a dragon... Will you ever come back?
27:22 - Medieval dragon fantasy.


Invited with the whole class to visit one of the Nimja Incorporated offices.
22:02 - Class brainwashing.
Enjoy a tour around a sub-wing of the R&D department in Nimja Incorporated.
30:48 - Multiple experimental trances
A warm place in front of the fire, a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a story.
17:36 - Comfort and all is okay.
Bare your back as you get ready to be whipped with a leather flogger.
18:42 - Feeling the flogger.
Inspiration and guidance to learn to trust yourself and others.
22:32 - Easier trust.
Enjoy a visit at the successful Correctional Health Institute to help you deal with the stress of life.
26:46 - Strapped down brainwashing.
A journey through the subconscious with speedy words flowing by.
19:16 - Overloading trance.
An introduction and experience to playing with painful heat.
19:33 - Hot temperature play.
Enjoy a playful induction and mindset as we clear your thoughts for a creative game.
17:04 - Playful creativity.
Sometimes it is nice to blush, but it can also be a bit embarrassing.
17:59 - Private humiliation.
Become smarter and a bit more able to solve problems.
13:34 - Smarter every day.
Your mind and your body are not your own, they belong to me.
16:51 - Deeply possessed by me.


Join me on stage as I show the audience how nice it really is to be hypnotized.
21:27 - Fun Fantasy
Let me take you for a strange, yet enticingly obedient ride.
25:39 - Clarity.
After seeing an advertisement for brainwashing, you can't help but be curious about it.
27:28 - Deep obedient conditioning.
Travel with me to the far reaches of space and time, embracing the beauty of the universe.
21:52 - Deep space travel.
After agreeing to meet up, you are guided through town to a simple innocent cafe.
16:26 - Public naughtiness.
After days of walking, you stumble upon a strange house in the woods. You are invited inside... but should you?
34:13 - Various potion fantasy.
Tied up in a forest, and toyed with. Or is that played?
23:32 - Bondage and teasing.
Just a little help to get your mind in the right gear to create.
17:56 - Inspirational induction
Are you curious how long you can resist?
31:21 - Long game of resistance.
Recorded during the live event: Relaxing fantasy of floating and swimming with mermaids.
19:34 - Deeply relaxing floating.
Recorded during the live event: Fantasy of arriving at the airport and being brainwashed in my house.
28:12 - Slave fantasy and induction.

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