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Official time: 2022-02-06 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

24d 09:29:07 until Nimja Live Light!

Official time: 2022-02-20 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam

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None planned in the near future...

Hypnosis Online Meetup

I run a meetup every 2 months in Amsterdam, where other presenters and I give workshops related to erotic hypnosis. This will move to online for the time being. The next one will probably be in January or March.

September 19th - FetLife

Want me for a workshop?

Contact me if you have a venue or want to know more.
Or read what I've done in the past.

About Nimja Live

When is Nimja Live?

On my YouTube channel, every first Sunday of the month, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

When is Nimja Live Light?

On Discord, the third Sunday of even months, 10pm European time.
For the exact time, you can see the information above!

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What happens during a live event?

It takes about 1.5 hours, The basic structure of the live event is:

  • Introduction and discussing the theme
  • Hypnosis itself, induction, effect, fantasy, etc.
  • Q&A
Past Nimja Live Events

Last 10 Nimja Live Events

Live Light 25 - Willing Toy Transformation Become a toy that is very willing to obey and can only respond with: "yes, no, more, green, red". 24:08 - Adds trigger: "Are you a willing toy?" for those you trust.
Live 67 - Evil Brainwashing Lair Captured by a plant-based villain, with airborne toxins and vines. 29:04 - Brainwashed to serve, possibly as bait.
Live 66 - No Trancing A form of resistance. Unless you listen really carefully, there will be no trancing here. 26:33 - Impermissive trance.
Live Light 24 - Forgotten Crypt An exploration of a crypt until you almost lose yourself in the process. 25:36 - Almost trapped and lost, staying.
Live 65 - Ghostly Whispers Awoken by a strange voice from your sleep, no longer where you were. 19:46 - Following and absorbed.
Live 64 - Remote Surrender Can you ever really be sure what your own thoughts are after you begin to listen? 25:15 - Resistance into deep surrender.
Live Light 23 - Satyr Seduction One stray from the path, enchanting music and pretty fireflies. 30:11 - WARNING: Tempted and made into a forest spirit.
Live 63 - Princess Transformation A magical sleep into a land of fantasy where your will decides. 20:29 - Become the princess of your dreams.
Live 62 - Hypnotized By A Stranger A sudden street fair attracts your attention and pulls you in. 25:40 - An unfamiliar someone guides you deeper.
Live Light 22 - Devious Denial It all starts so innocently with a file, then teasing and then a lot of desire to be denied. 32:54 - Teasing centered on your desire.

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