2022-09 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

This report is about the Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - September 2022

Before I begin a few small updates; This was the last meetup for the foreseeable future. There will be an update in March (or before) what will happen next. Also my apologies for the shorter (and later) write-up. It's been a very busy time.

A really nice, chill day with lots of sunlight made for a nice backdrop to the meetup. Fortunately much cooler than July. The theme today was: Confusion.

@Matsuru did the first part of the workshop, explaining and showing how confusion can be used within inductions. Also talking about the different variations, like pivot words, interspersal techniques, embedded commands, switching tenses and discongruent tag questions. This was followed up with a really lovely demo with @Nehalenia in two parts. First a more plain/direct induction, then the same one with confusion added.

The second part of the workshop, after a bit of a break, was run by me. More about how confusion can be used in play. How you can use it to redefine someone, create contradictions, complexity or even make nonsense sound like something logical. Just like before there was a good atmosphere and interaction with the conversation and the Confusion demo with @Evy and @Andreveos as subjects was very fun. It took them both a little while to recover from waking down as the arm that was left is the right one.

Having them both listen to the same words also allowed for a really fun moment where both of them got more confused once they saw how the other reacted.

After closing, there were plenty of other conversations and sessions where several people who hadn't done much trancing before got an opportunity to practice and get feedback. I did a few more short sessions after watching; with a crystal, some mild memory play and more confusion. It was a really sweet and heartwarming thing to behold. This time, we stopped a bit before dinner time as people slowly started leaving and left with happy (if sometimes missing) memories.

Thank all who attended for the wonderful time!