2023-02 - Wilpenhof Workshop and play evening

This is a report of the workshop and play evening at @Wilpenhof, February 5th, 2023. Read on FetLife

Before I start with the report, I'd like to thank the location for it's lovely atmosphere, good food and welcoming organizers!

After some very friendly greetings and an important toast, I started with the workshop upstairs. It took a while for everyone to come in and the attic ended up being quite full! A lot of the people present were unfamiliar with hypnosis (but experienced in kink) and it was really nice to talk about what hypnosis is, what it isn't, how it can be used with BSDM and some basic demonstrations.

The workshop was mainly focused on giving them somewhere to start. Showing an induction, explaining the steps and all the safety and consent talks you do before you start. Asking during, or after trance, is like asking permission from someone in sub- or rope-space. There wasn't enough space to let people practice on their own during the workshop, which was a bit of a shame. Fortunately, this was made up by the really positive and engaged atmosphere with a lot of good questions and interaction.

The few people who were already experienced with hypnosis also added some very nice additional comments.

A volunteer was willing to help me show a basic hand-drop induction and eye-fixation. They noticed how similar it was to doing meditation themselves.

I also had two lovely subjects with me. First with @Merinthe, I showed a common hypnotic effect of catalepsy/freezing in place and making any kind of minute movements arousing. Whenever I moved their hands, they felt a strong reaction of pleasure go through them but they could not do anything about it. There was a little teasing with 'vibration' triggers to inspire the audience in how you can use simple commands or triggers in public without anyone else knowing what's going on.

@Kraent obediently helped me display how giving conflicting commands can affect someone. First freezing them in place, then giving a command to kneel. The conflict was clearly visible in their whole expression and posture. A second *kneel* command made it break the first freeze, but with a fearful feeling of disobedience as the freeze command had been disobeyed. They were quickly rewarded for obeying me correctly.

Finally, after double-checking audience comfort, I displayed hands-free orgasms on both of them. Each of the demos sparked some lovely conversation and questions.

The play evening afterwards contained some very enjoyable sessions. I will give some highlights here but respect the privacy of those involved. Names are used with their permissions. I also had several conversations with various patrons.

Before each session, comfort and limits were checked. After, a big hug (if okay) and gratitude for allowing me to share my passion for hypnosis with them.

A couple approached me where the dominant desired to learn a simple way to put his submissive into trance. After a brief conversation about their dynamic, it was quickly obvious that they already had a very strong bond of trust. It didn't take much to guide them and a deep trance was reached in just a few moments. A simple suggestion to let the dominant recall an intense moment between the two allowed for a very powerful and beautiful revivification experience with warm smiles and perhaps a tear. I thanked them for allowing me to be witness to it.

The conversation with (and previous 'bratting' by) @WickedMicky led to them allowing me to hypnotize them. It was their first experience with hypnosis and they did incredibly well. We played with some basic fractionation and having hands stuck or wrists in shackles. The induction was a very nice physical one, using fingernails on arms, sometimes sharp, sometimes a little softer. The look of surprise when they could be pulled back down and when their arms were stuck was lovely.

@Enjoy2Play had been watching this session and was curious as well. With them I focused on their voyeurism (which is totally a kink!), asking them to imagine how it would have felt for the person they watched moments ago; how the trance would go all the way through their body. I focused on the strong empathy they feel as they observe. It was very nice to see them go deep and wake with a simple stroke over their arm. This led to expression of surprise by the following volunteer.

@bloemmetje was familiar with my work on YouTube and only recently had discovered the site. They were unsure of what they wanted to try this evening, so we kept it very simple. To surprise them, I used the fact that they had just watched me hypnotize two others in front of them to lock their right arm in place and have them stare at what's happening. The confusion and obvious catalepsy allowed me to pull them deep, very quickly. Doing some fractionation and letting them drop in the middle of saying a sentence allowed for a nice experience as they tried to explain what they were feeling. They even asked for a poke or two which resulted in some nice gentle giggling.

The last session was very different. They expressed a very specific desire to be made blank and just relaxed. They are dominant and noticed how nice they reacted earlier and wanted to have a moment of peace, basically. I did a nice bit of relaxation and letting things go, adding a trigger for them to enjoy it later in private or at home.

Afterwards, I checked up on how the others were doing and found one of them a little tied up in some nice distractions. Allowing that to finish and having a quick orange juice made it, unfortunately, time to leave as Nimja Live would happen in about an hour.

I had fun.