2018-09 - Belgium - Place de Nous

Yesterday was the third Hypnosis Workshop at Place De Nous in Belgium.

Turnout was a bit lower than expected, but still very nice. And all the people who were present joined in wonderfully.

The workshop was mostly about some simple techniques on how to get into trance and, more importantly, how to incorporate hypnosis with other aspects of BDSM.

Some fun topics discussed and displayed were playful things like bondage, an arousing energy boost and how walking can lead to edging.

I also noticed a beautiful example of using hypnotic language together with BDSM done by another dominant. Using rituals, words and structure, he helped his submissive to let go of her thoughts a lot more during play. This sparked some nice discussion.

Later, after the workshops were finished, I was able to finally talk to the other people giving a massage workshop at the same venue. I particularly enjoyed working together with the female massage therapist to help her partner relax a lot more.

Of course, after the workshops there was some BDSM play to behold (and to do). It was a very nice evening with, as usual, some very lovely people. It was nice to see some familiar faces as well.

Finally, I'd like to thank MarcVanVlaanderen for organizing this and giving me (and the others) a chance to share our work.