2017-04 - Belgium - Place de Nous

Workshop at Place De Nous, Belgium, on the 29th of April 2017

Read about the first workshop, on October 1st, 2016. This workshop used a similar structure and timing. So read more about it there.

This time I focused more on what you can do with hypnosis, rather than how to hypnotize.

During the workshops

The introductions and inductions were much shorter (even a bit too short, for that my apologies, but one lives and learns), allowing me to focus on displaying various suggestions on brave volunteers.

Rather than the 'silly/humiliating/shameful' suggestions that a lot of stage-hypnotists use for entertainment, I tried to focus on good experiences for the volunteers.

Here are some of the suggestions given to the volunteers during the two sessions. Of course, as I reminded the participants and audience, almost all of these suggestions could be used in public, anytime, anywhere.

  • Vivid fantasy of something that's not actually happening.
  • Feeling the palm of your hand become an intimate place.
  • Feeling your limbs fall limp and even be removed.
  • Falling into trance while trying to resist.
  • Freezing in place.
  • Being tickled while not touching.
  • Being "tied down" by naughty tentacles.
  • Waves of pleasure based on clothing.
  • Orgasm without being touched anywhere remotely intimate.
  • Extreme sexual frustration, begging with her Master, who promptly said no.

Keep in mind that while all of this may sound very naughty (and it was). No intimate touching occurred and everything was done with care.

After the workshops

This is rapidly becoming my favourite part. People's responses were extremely positive and many requested private sessions throughout the night. Of course I will keep these discreet.

Thank you, you know who you are, for your wonderful words of support.
Thank you again, MarcVanVlaanderen for the organisation and invitation!

Oh and a special thanks to a curious lady that helped end the evening on an incredible high. I think she'll forgive me for the teasing... Eventually.