2019-07 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

This is a report of the Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - July 2019

A lovely turnout for a meetup in summer. With 17 people, almost half of them new, it was a very cosy and friendly time.

Presenters: Matsuru and myself.

Fun With Triggers

A brief explanation + handout on the functioning of triggers. The binding of an action to a reaction. Thanks to my very lovely demo-bunnies it was an absolute joy to show this.

A very important part for me was to also show how a simple trigger can be used in multiple ways. Both nice and naughty.

Triggers displayed:

  • Going into trance thanks to a caress over the arm as an implicit trigger.
  • Repeat (and stop) - Feel the same sensations repeating over and over.
  • Trance trigger - Quickly going back into trance.
  • Jedi mind trick - Creating effects without the subject's knowledge.


Matsuru explained the process of revivification (to impart new life) with memories. Using pleasurable memories of the past to go into trance and relive the physical and emotional sensations again. He gave three examples.

  • Asking for specific words associated with the memory. Then giving back those words to strengthen the experience.
  • Using vague words and asking no more than a nod for confirmation, allowing the person to keep the experience internal.
  • Giving words from a shared memory, to help revivify a specific one without having to ask for details.

He also linked this to a trigger word: "Pleasure", combining the pleasure of all three memories into one experience. And of course to use this even after she was awakened again.

Deeper Bonus

Thanks to a question about how to tell how deep someone is, we briefly discussed and I showed how to allow someone to go deeper without asking "from 1 to 10". Some possibilities:

  • Ask the subject if they can or want to go deeper? - Then permit them.
  • Tell them that it's okay to go deeper if they want to.
  • Ask them how deep they feel as an open question and pay attention to how they answer.

Closing and feedback

Again, thanks to the better structure, there was a lovely bit of socializing and practicing going on. Questions were asked, discussions were discussed. All in all it was very nice to see that the structure works very well for people.

The feedback this time was very minimal but no less relevant.

  • Help with audience comfort for some of the naughtier things.
  • Add details about kink/erotic content in the event description.
  • Create more quiet for practice time.
  • The format has become very comfortable and educational.