2019-03 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

This is a report of the Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - March 2019

Running the event at my house allowed us to be a lot more relaxed in our demos. The much more quiet environment was really nice and the space was enough for 20 people. Which is something to consider for next time, as there were 23 of us this time!

So, while a little fuller than expected, the atmosphere was really good, thank you all!

Presenters today: Matsuru & myself.

Do you want to be a presenter? Contact me!

Consent & Limits

Read here about the Consent & Limits Workshop in detail.
Response and participation on this was really interesting. The format still needs some work, but the basis feels very sound. Primarily, the setting of context and purpose could have been done better.

Erotic Hypnosis

This workshop was given by Matsuru, you can read his full report here.

A fascinating display of the differences in experience between two subjects, even with very similar suggestions. It was interesting to hear from their own perspective how and when things felt out of their control and how much effort it took to follow a suggestion.

For myself, the implied anchoring of touch to pleasure was especially fun to watch as most people did not notice it until Matsuru used it again.

D/s Hypnosis

Given by me, I briefly discussed the common Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetic (VAK) primary senses people have and how they are often used in hypnosis inductions. Within Dominance, it is very helpful to focus on several as well, allowing submission to become part of the senses.

After each demo, a brief discussion with the subject to share their perspective and questions of the audience was done.

  • First a display how to do D/s without any sexuality. Focusing on the feeling of submission and becoming small. A mild bit of bondage was also included, with the feeling of being stuck more prominent than the feeling of ropes. I really enjoy showing how an induction can be very simple and already part of the D/s aspect. The questions afterward were also on the difference between real and hypnotic bondage she experienced and how nice it is to have hypnosis help her let go into submission so it's easier for herself.
  • A lovely male volunteer wanted to try out hypnosis for the first time in person. After a discussion about intent and limits (which included his: "I’m fine with anything.""), I outlined the basic structure so that he could agree. It beautifully resulted in a display of submission at my feet. Being able to control no more than his torso, neck and head made him feel very dominated. That, together with a suggestion of himself being smaller and seeing me as taller really helped with his experience. His smile and soft response of "Yes, Sir" was very sweet and enjoyable.

Volunteer feedback (shared with his permission)

With the shelf induction there was an initial resistance, just to see if it was even possible.
The things that really let me let go and feel submissive was the suggestion that I would be relieved of responsibility and you would do the thinking for me. The amazing feeling of you actually controlling my mind and body in real life without the disconnect of a file dropped me into that state of a serrated edge between my conscious and subconscious.
You making yourself tall, made me go into a state where my desire was to make myself as small as possible at your feet. Resistance was at that point futile and all I desired was to get on the floor. I curled myself into the smallest ball I could form with my body. The fractionation being brought out of my ball then pushed back into it enforced the feelings of total submission.
In my conversation with your submissive afterwards it was fascinating to hear she had never seen you dominate another male before. She expressed that it added to the pleasure of her experience observing. This going back to basic animalistic instinct.
We also talked in the group about how hypnosis crosses sexuality. You showed, with the first submissive and myself, that it's still possible to have a great hypnosis play with someone who may not match ones definition of sexuality.

  • As surprise was discussed, I called upon another (known) volunteer. While she was playfully bratty initially, it didn't take long to make her plead to sit at my feet. A countdown and an intense hands-free orgasm later made her deliciously melt in submission and pleasure. The earlier buildup probably helped in this. The resulting discussion about earning trust, building up a connection and conditioning someone was really interesting. While these questions were being answered, I made sure to keep cuddling and petting the rather exhausted volunteer.

The sessions turned out surprisingly intimate, in a way. It was a really intense experience for me as well.


Like always we had a feedback session at the end and it was awesome to have very good participation of so many people.

  • Improve the "stage" location to allow people to more easily leave if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Consider an advanced workshop with entry fee in a different, more professional, environment.
  • Could we do a group trance next time?
  • Maybe I could allow people to bring (non-alcoholic) drinks for people to enjoy. This time there were cups and water available, but it would be nice to have more.
  • Print out a simple induction that people can do at the workshop itself/practice with at home.

It really makes me happy to see the turnout to be so plentiful and positive. Thank you all!