2023-05 - Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup

This writing is about the Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup - May 2023

It was the first hypnosis meetup in the new house since I’d moved in December (2022). Where 17 people would be a LOT at the old location, here it worked quite well. After people spread out to the various corners and chairs outside, it felt like a really nice, chill event.

Most of the people who came by had been at one of my meetups before or had been at HYDE 2023. It was also nice that while we were missing one of our regular hypnotists (you know who you are!), there were fortunately enough tops present to do any trancing later if people wanted.

The meetup itself was divided into two parts. The “workshop” part, where we talked about hypnotic drugplay and the “munch” part, where we chilled, talked, did random sessions and had a good time. Several people had brought snacks, including some gluten-free and vegan options!

The workshop part went very smoothly. A lot of people added to the conversation and nicely expanded my list of various applications and effects. Someone brought “Waterdrop”, a vitamin tablet you add to a glass of water that bubbles very satisfyingly and gives a clear, colored liquid with an interesting (soft) taste.

There were 2 simple demos, one with a fake spiked drink making it very drowsy and eventually unable to lift the cup to drink more of it. And how to use a spray and a paper towel to do the cliche movie chloroform application.

Drug Play Notes - with all the application options and effects

Before we continued to the munch part, we did briefly discuss hypnosis and actual drugs and why people generally immediately say: “Just don’t”. Of course someone had to ask: “But what if you did?”

In my opinion, most substances make the subject too distracted or inward focused to do any kind of hypnosis with. And doing it intentionally brings with it some risks. The other thing is that it generally doesn’t amplify the trance itself at all. Of course as a top you should remain responsible, aware and sober.

After this we basically spread out, had some snacks, tea, water or otherwise and chatted a lot. The hours went by quite quickly and a few random trances, both related and unrelated to drug-play were happening. It’s always nice to see people inspired.

Thank you, all who were present, you made it a very nice first time in the new place!

And it’s nice to confirm that the extra space and options provide for a much more capable place.