2022-10 - Belgium - BDSM & Hypnosis workshop

Yesterday was the fourth Hypnosis Workshop at Place De Nous in Belgium.

The theme was BDSM & Hypnosis and was very focused on how it can be useful for tops to learn hypnotic skills and for bottoms to recognize it.

The location had become a little smaller because of reconstruction and it was slightly lower turnout than usual, both during the workshop as well as the play-evening. But, the people who showed up were very enthusiastic and participated a lot, making it very much worth it.

About half the audience was new to hypnosis, so the workshop started with the basics. Soon, discussions flowed, with some nice questions from both tops and bottoms and with four volunteers, several different inductions were shown, ranging from a very basic "little shelf" induction to an overload induction. After the workshop many more questions, feedback and compliments (thank you!) came forward.

To my surprise less familiar faces this time but at the play evening there were still a few very beautiful examples of BDSM play to observe. I was also lucky enough to help an absolutely lovely couple with a session.

Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks once again to @marcvanvlaanderen for organizing and inviting me back again!