2018-11 - Wales - UK Recreational Hypnosis Workshop


It's not in my scope to discuss all the (fantastic) workshops that have been given during the whole event. If/when any of the other presenters write their own report (and let me know), I will link to them from here!


This is my report of the UK Recreational Hypnosis Workshop, to record and share what a fantastic experience it has been.

The atmosphere could not have been better, the location was gorgeous and the people have been firmly hugged.

From the beginning we set the tone strongly, displaying how to trance safely and how (and when) to ask for consent. A brief introduction into what hypnosis is and why we do it was also given.

The Presenters

In alphabetical order:

  • EnglishHarry - Your experience in BDSM and consent created a great, safe and welcoming atmosphere and your classroom knowledge helped keep the room in check.
  • Lex - Playful, engaging, funny and creative. Your display of objectification was inspiring.
  • ocnurb - Your demonstration of Kinesthetic inductions was beautifully warm and intimate to watch.
  • SensualSpiral - Your feminine touch and gentle domination was lovely to behold and your expertise incredibly welcome.

I very much hope to see any of you again at a future event!

My Sessions

I want to make it clear that before each session, consent, intent and comfort was clearly discussed and after each session, aftercare was provided. Most often in the form of hugs, cuddling, head-scritches.

Fantasy and Storytelling

It was both scary and exciting to do the first hypnosis session of the conference. The intention behind this was to show how to weave hypnotic language into stories and how to use hypnosis to provide context to a scene. Letting people see how changing the context will alter the experience significantly.

The audience provided input on the first story:

  • Forest
  • Hunting a dragon
  • To return her egg
  • To save the village

With these suggestions I weaved a story for the whole audience to enjoy. Creating a relaxing, calm trance for anyone who wanted to participate. As I did this, I used a pattern of: visual, audio, kinesthetic to describe what was happening. After the trance we further elaborated on what elements were used and how the flow was created.

The second story was a hypnotist hypnotizing his audience (how original, I know), as he is telling them a story. Here, the elements of storytelling were used very differently, almost as a distraction from the trance itself to allow people to be surprised and go even deeper.

Playing with Resistance

After all the sessions ended, some people who had actually read the program, approached me as volunteers for the resistance workshop. Initially I had planned to just have one person on stage, but the idea of linking resistance from one person to the other quickly entered my mind. During the session, 5 seats were rapidly filled and the last one had to be taken by the birthday girl.

What is really important with resistance play is that you make sure that the players know the rules of the game. That they know that this is not about winning, but about losing in the most fun way possible. Doing a bit of training where all 6 *tried* to close their hands was a lovely way of making sure that all of them understood the game.

The session contained lots of teasing and tempting language. Reminding them of how nice it is to go into trance and just... Not quite saying the word that they wanted to hear. One of my favorite parts was to let them all link hands with the person next to them and then *after* they did that, explain that this means that they can feel the person next to them falling into trance, pulling them down with them.

Another highlight was a very cheeky double-bind about one hand being stuck to their leg that would pull them in trance if they managed to lift it.

Erotic & Dominant Hypnosis

Originally just "Erotic Hypnosis", but I felt that it could be really nice to actually show the difference. For this I had 2 volunteers with a very different purpose. One to be dominated, one to be played with erotically *without* dominance.

It was really good fun to switch between the roles. From playful to strict. From stern to smiling. My pose, language and phrasing were all highlighted to help the audience understand all that was going on. The feedback from the volunteers was especially interesting. As everyone could easily notice the differences in tone, language and words.

Since this was erotic hypnosis, I asked the erotic subject if she wanted the audience to decide how many orgasms she'd get. The enthusiastic nodding came both as a surprise and a delightful example of a "clear yes".

The answer was: 9.5, which I interpreted as 9 orgasms and one ruined one. I split the 9 into 3 groups of 3, focusing on kinesthetic, visual or audio elements as the base for the orgasm.

During all of this I had the submissive girl observe or perform small tasks to help with her obedient feeling.

  • Standing her up and caressing her arms to let pleasure build into a release.
  • Making her sit down and pulling her under (by her arms), over and over again, from fractionation into the release.
  • Placing her at the end of the room and making her walk back to me, each step building up until the final one made her cum.
  • Staring at the palm of my hand, the closer I got the closer she was to an orgasm. Of course pulling back and teasing a bit.
  • Placing both of them, sitting next to each other and showing how the same words can mean something completely different to both of them. As they opened and closed their eyes on my command, one felt that as a token of obedience, while the other felt it as an increase of pleasure. And the release for one was a deep drop into slavey feelings for the other.
  • After asking the submissive to retrieve one of her flashy light toys, the object was quickly changed into an orgasmic teasing device. Until the focus light pointed at her center, she would just feel it driving her higher and higher.
  • By making the erotic girl aware of my voice, I started to talk deeper to help her feel the vibrations *everywhere* in her body. Extremely aware and delicious.
  • Snapping my fingers, first far away then closer. The closer I got the more she'd feel the shocks of pleasure connected to them until I did that deeply desired hard snap next to her ear.
  • The submissive girl supplied me with the really nice idea of making the other girl's own moans become the drive for her pleasure until it finally exploded in her. The giggles in the audience as she fought against letting out too much noise did not help her much either.

Finally, to do a ruined orgasm it was no more than building up with a countdown, giving her the command to cum and immediately (maybe half a second) telling it to stop. The angry look she shot me was answered with an evil smile (and a big hug later).

Private Sessions

Many people have asked me for private sessions during the event for various reasons. Of course I will not share any details.

I simply wanted to thank all of you for having the courage to ask, the patience to discuss consent, limits and desires, and the enjoyment you gave me in allowing me to play with your brain.

Thank you all. It was an awesome event that could only work because of all of you!