2018-09 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

Today was the second Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup. With 16 people at the peak time it was a very nice turnout indeed!

I want to thank everyone that came by for their presence and participation. Thank you!


Using the OBA Restaurant is a decent choice for a friendly meetup. It's not *that* loud and you can mostly discuss things. However, for hypnosis it's still not ideal. If anyone knows a good location with a low (ideally free) cost and no noise, relatively close to Amsterdam Central, let me know. I'm still investigating options here. :)


An extra thank you to the volunteers and the 2 other hypnotists that participated today.

A short list of the inductions done:

  • Little shelf induction - A nice basic induction that's easy to learn.
  • The hand drop induction - A surprising induction to help people
  • Double binds - Two options that both lead to a desired result. With a nice demonstration of a floating hand induction.
  • Magnetic hands and a shift of tactic - With a more analytical subject, the hypnotist very nicely moved from one induction to another to show both flexibility and rapport with the subject.
  • Mildly erotic fractionation - An example of how physical awareness and arousal can lead very nicely into a trance. Together with a bit of up and down.


The discussion was also very nice. Including some very nice talk about subject safety and responsibility of both subject and hypnotist. A lot of good dialogue about what you can do with hypnosis and how it can fit in the toolbox of kink. And quite a bit about safety, like not giving suggestions for someone who's driving.

Feedback received

Thank you also for the good feedback on the format, I will do my best to make the next one even better.

  • Better location (see above).
  • A bit more more structure to the meetup. A plan of what to do when, roughly.
  • Planned breaks so you can socialize a bit easier.
  • It would be nice to have exercises we can do together.