2021-03 - HAMO: On and offline - Speed Trance!

Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - Online

March, 2021

Link to FetLife event

First a workshop about doing hypnosis online and offline, the differences between them and the tools.

Learn Hypnosis - In person vs online - Notes of the presentation.

The speed trance segment used Zoom, which worked quite well. I wanted to share the lesson I learned from this for posterity and maybe getting even more feedback.

  • 10 minute sessions, every 15 minutes worked really well. - It was consistent, long enough to be enjoyed and short enough to have 4 in an hour.
  • The natural breaks worked really well for people (4-5 minutes between the sessions).
  • 2 minute warning and the countdown (before being kicked out of the room) were very helpful.

Some Zoom specific issues:

  • It can happen that people are matched twice.
  • The host isn't included in the breakout rooms - but can join manually.
  • You have to set the number of rooms (instead of "# people per room") requiring some math.
  • Do the speed trance first, then an interactive workshop when everyone is in 'super engaged mode'

Some extra feedback I got (from outside the event):

  • In Zoom, let people know it's okay to add their pronoun to their nickname
  • During (intense) workshops, having a "chill room" could be nice. - Organisers can ping when the demo is done.

We are definitely doing this again!