2023-11 - Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup

This writing is about the Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup - November 2023

Last meetup of 2023! The format continues to work well with part interactive workshop, part social munch. 17 people this time with a few new faces. As guests rolled in mostly on time, it didn't take long after 1pm before we started.

Workshop & demos

Because of the higher amount of new people, went over the basics of hypnosis. What it is and isn't, the risks and rewards and so on. It's always nice to hear questions from new people interested in expanding their toolset or experience.

Tone and intonation was the main subject. It's a very important part of any kind of communication. And since hypnosis requires (even more) that the hypnotist is able to successfully convey intent and meaning, awareness of how you speak helps a lot. We did a small exercise of saying: "You look nice" in different ways to one another and let the other person say what they thought the intended emotion was.

We discussed energy/power of voice, tonality, emotion and projection. As well as how important it is to match your inner state to what you want to convey. If you feel fragile, it's a little hard to be bratty.

I did two demos, one with my submissive to show what happens when you aren't congruent with tone. Which caused a lot of confusion. Like giving a command? Or counting up, but slowing down in tone.

The second demo was with someone new to also show how you can do a brief negotiation, set up the trance, do compliance sets and guide someone in. The subject in question was interested in both sides, so it was fun to explain what I was doing as I did it.


The munch part was very fun and conversational. Like usual we kept going until about 6pm and some people were doing various trances with both new and familiar subjects.

Someone had brought "half a brownie" (half an oven tray), which we weren't able to finish with all of us. Still, it added to the surprising mountain of snacks people had brought this time.

Some random things that happened:

  • Several people's first trances.
  • Going from shaking to calm.
  • An arm stuck, floating.
  • Various pulling of hair.
  • Happy pets and skritches.

It was a lovely time and I'd like to thank everyone for their presence.