2023-07 - Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup

This writing is about the Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup - July 2023

It was already the second hypnosis meetup in the new house. July is usually the more quiet month, with people being on holiday and this was no exception. With about 12 people, mostly familiar, it was a good time. The airconditioning helped a lot keeping the place cool and, fortunately, the weather wasn't too bad either so people could easily go outside for some space if they wanted to.

As usual, the meetup was divided into two parts, a workshop and a munch. The subject today was hypnotic and non-hypnotic restraints.

Hypnotic Restraints notes - including the suggestions of the attendees

To make the meetup more interesting I'd put two types of less common restraints available to people. Some black straps with clasp that you could find at a DIY store and 5cm wide strips of velcro, cut into various lengths. Both are very fun ways of very quickly restricting someone's movement. And it can be quite comfortable if you don't use the rough side of the velcro.

A few demos were given both for the hypnotic and the non-hypnotic variant. @Incoggg gave a nice example of hands getting stuck, to each other and other objects. Someone else showed a nice existing trigger with their partner, using "magnetically" sticking bracelets. I did a small demo as I tied someone in the velcro strips and let them sit down.

During the munch part it was nice to have various discussions both related and entirely unrelated to hypnosis and do a few sessions at people's request. A few highlights for me include a hair-pull eliciting an adorable moan, strapping two people together into a standing hug and leaving them slowly swaying for a while and a time-skip where I switched places with someone.

While I don't often mention it here, I'm not the only one doing hypnosis during the munch part. Some other trances were also happening, both with and without the restraints. One forgot their name, another forgot how to count their fingers. There were a lot more, however they are not my sessions to share.

All in all, a great little meetup during the summer months. A big thank-you to all who attended!

Stay safe and keep hydrated everyone!