2021-09 - HOM: Self-hypnosis and round-robin induction

Hypnosis Online Meetup

July 2021

FetLife event

Even though this was a very relaxed/chill online munch, it was still about 30 people.

The first hour mostly filled with an unannounced presentation by XeniX about self-hypnosis and subject agency.

The workshop about self hypnosis was mainly a moderated discussion with a lot of appreciated of input of the audience.

The subject was first generally introduced and specified.
- What is self hypnosis?
- What is it used for?
- Possible methods and examples

After that was thoroughly discussed, a demo was given.
It was mainly a self hypnosis for others to watch and be inspired by.
A specific trigger was readjusted for the audience for follow along and watch it happen.

The second hour, we mostly just hung out and did a round robin induction with 6 hypnotists (Dragonfly, Incogg, Kristerina, Nimja, XeniX and Iris), where we each speak a sentence and follow each other in the order mentioned. The themes, decided by the others, were: tactile, flying, rubber duck, being sneaky and rainbows.

Predictably, it turned very silly and playful with many smiles and lovely feedback. Apparently it also lead into some artistic endeavors on the server. Despite the silly subject, there were some lovely pieces of suggestions and language in there. With one of my favorites the inclusion of our different voices compared to colors, and a countdown where each did one number and a sentence.

Afterwards, some discussions about hypnotic and different languages were fun and made for the event to run only a tiny bit later than expected.

Thank you all for being there!