2019-09 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

This is a report of the Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - September 2019

A nice turnout for a meetup in late summer. The weather was very agreeable and with 14 people in total, we had a really nice time.

And, of course, I also mentioned the upcoming, international event in Germany, March 2020.

Presenters: @Incoggg and myself.


An explanation on how fractionation (going in and out of trance) can help someone go into a deeper state of trance. And that some inductions explicitly use this as a part of the instructions.

For this, I used the Rehearsal Induction. In this induction we only "practice" trance and are not too concerned with going in it. I also added effects of obedience and submission through the process to show how you can implement suggestions during the induction.

Pay Attention

With his NLP background, Incoggg explained and let people practice with several exercises. All aimed at paying attention to the subject and becoming more aware as a hypnotist and how important it is to calibrate to your subject.

The exercises:

  • Watching someone's breathing in 2 different positions.
  • Watching (and practicing) soft/direct focus and how they look different.
  • Looking at someone's expression and body language when they think of something they like/dislike.
  • Notice incongruence when you re-tell a story they told with something wrong on purpose.
  • A Leader/follower exercise, holding your finger on someone else's palm while they move.

Fractionation Extra

Since there was some time left and I had a lovely volunteer. I also showed how you can use erotic teasing and denial to build up lovely sensations. And how anticipation can become fractionation by the lack of follow through. The fall of wanting to go into trance and the waking of not having it yet.

Closing and feedback

The structure appears to be very comfortable for people. There was a lot of socializing and people appeared to be mingling wonderfully. The comments on the educational side were very positive as well.

The only piece of feedback was to have an iCal (or similar) calendar somewhere to subscribe to the event!