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How do I become a patron?

What do I get?

  • Access to all Patron files - The more extreme/kinky/sexual files, with an orange title.
  • For a bit over one month - So repeated donations or Patreon supporters keep access!
  • Streaming and downloading - You're allowed to download the files as MP3 and keep them! - note: you can re-download them only as long as you have access.

Patreon only extras

  • Discord channel - Where you can chat with like-minded people, and me!
  • Email updates - On things as they happen!
  • Higher tier extras - Nimja Live Light, Voice/Video call and more.

How do I get access?

You will receive an email within a day after an approved payment.

Don't forget to check your spam folder!

Why should I support you?

Your support makes me...

  • harder and create more videos.
  • ...improve the quality of the recordings and live events.
  • ...feel supported in my work.
  • ...thankful for your effort!
  • to brag a little.
  • ...listen to your suggestions (even more).
  • ...create some videos that YouTube might even frown upon.

And much more!

Receiving Rewards

How do I receive my rewards?

Login with your passcode - that you received by email.

Connect to discord - In Patreon, go to Settings - Apps - Discord. There you can connect it. If it glitches out, disconnect and reconnect helps fix most issues with Patron permissions.

Nimja Live Light - Requires you to set up Discord and be at least a Silver Patron or higher.

Voice/Video call - Contact me to set up a time that works out for both of us.

Silver Lapel Pin - You will get an email on how to get this very special reward after 6 months as a Gold Patron.

Nimja Patron Event Information

Nimja Patron Event

Below is the basic concept of the event, subject to change!

  • Accessible to all active Patrons the time of the event.
  • Meet & Greet!
  • Group sessions for all attendees
  • Extra group sessions for Gold & Silver patrons
  • Possible swag (to be determined)