2022-03 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

This report is related to the Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - March 2022

Finally, after more than 2 years, I was able to run an in-person event again. With 16 people in total, it was really nice to start comfortable. Most of the people who showed up had been there before, which added to the very comfortable atmosphere.

Both the long break and the many online events made me reconsider the structure of the meetup. Instead of pure workshop, it became more of a social event with lots of chatting, some random hypnotizing and practice.

The subject of today: double binds, was a fun topic to discuss. The format was much more open, with a lot of interaction from the whole group. Of course any question to the group was immediately twisted into a double-bind format. Did you notice? You can give feedback already or later privately?

My notes on double-binds are available here: https://learn.nimja.com/techniques/double_binds

The initial plan was to do 2-on-2 groups, but that never happened as I didn't really feel like there was a right time for it. The open circle discussion allowed for some lovely banter and brought forth nice feedback. It led to ideas for future events, too.

I gave two demos. The first with Unicado, using a crystal as a focus and teasing a little bit with various options laid out for her. The unconscious/conscious hand floating worked really well and her facial expressions showed the trance really well. Her fascination with trance as always a sexy sight to behold. Of course using many different double-binds to put into practice what we discussed earlier.

The second was a bit later, after more discussion and audience examples, with copycat1 and Merinthe. This one was a bit more playful and naughty, as the two started giggling a little with nerves and I decided to use that as one of the parts of the induction. After a simple induction they were frozen into place and 'teased' with pleasure if they moved. And, using their blush and nerves they were pitted against each other. If one giggled, the other couldn't help but respond in kind. Which would cause them to move, and therefore feel pleasure. And who would break first? The audience laughing a little didn't help either.

In the end, neither could really agree on who "broke first", even after the demo.

The more open social time after was filled with lots of conversations and a few random trances happening. All in all, I'm very happy with the day and how the event went and am glad that this is possible again.

A thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to the demo subjects. I had fun.

Ideas for improvement:

  • Create the practice groups before explaining what we want to do.
  • Instead of many small groups, do 2-3 big groups so that not everyone is required to talk.
  • Handle subject matter in steps, discuss one thing, then practice, then the next.