2018-11 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

Today was the third Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup, with a nice turn-up of 10 people.


While we found a nicer corner this time, the environment was still not ideal.

Unfortunately there is no alternative yet. I've looked around a lot and haven't been able to find anything to my liking. Only one person has given me a suggestion so far (thank you), but it came too late for this one. I'm looking into it for January's meetup!

  • *If you know any good locations for an event like this in Amsterdam, let me know!**


Only myself and one other hypnotist were available today. Today we focused on some specific subjects: VAK(Visual/Audio/Kinesthetic) inductions and Storytelling.

The first two inductions were done with (random) suggestions of the other people present to challenge ourselves.

  • An induction with a visual anchor/focus point(V), connecting the murmuring(A) of the other people to arousal(K).
  • The induction was not related to the suggestions here (focus point and candle flame countdown), but the suggestions were very interesting. With an imagined stage(V), listening to your own body(A) and experiencing sensations "louder"(K).
  • "Breathing with the eyes" into a nice deep trance to create some synesthesia, combining the experience of sound to touch (and a bit of visual).
  • Story telling induction, based on a world where there is a lot of magic, trying to let the person listening becoming part of the story.


First we discussed storytelling. How to make a fun story and the various ways you can use them into an induction (or another session).

We did go off on a tangent a bit during the discussion into Tabletop RPG areas, because of misconceptions and storytelling.

The second big subject was reactions and abreactions. The major focus here was to remember to stay calm and accept that you are not a therapist. Giving comfort is fine, of course.

Feedback received

Again I've requested feedback on the format and I got a bit more feedback as I'm trying to refine the structure.

  • Location - Suggestions welcome!
  • Improve the structure - Discussions were now at the end which made it a bit less interesting. Trying to alternate inductions/activities with discussions will make it more fun.
  • Clarify the text/purpose of the meetup. - Also to be more specific when you could join.
  • Plan a social break (half hour), for people to mingle more easily.


Thank you everyone for coming, your participation and feedback!