2022-07 - Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup

This report is about the Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - July 2022

The day was hot, fortunately inside was a bit cooler than outside. I opened up the door to the garden to make sure people could walk around and find some extra calm if they need to.

Merinthe brought a wide selection of inclusive snacks covering vegan, gluten-free and home-made. We also made sure that there was plenty of water (with icecubes) so that people could stay hydrated.

The atmosphere was incredibly positive from the get-go and it didn't take long to dive into a wonderful workshop and discussion about suggestions, how they work, direct and indirect, permissive and more. Participation from everyone was really good and both new and experienced alike had things to ask.

Matsuru had a deck of hypnotic language cards which we used to create suggestions. First with the whole group, one at a time, going all around the circle to show how it works. Matsuru also had the fun idea to do a "battle" with him and myself, going back and forth and using the shuffled cards to guide our words. Two happy volunteers (and several members of the audience as splash damage) enjoyed a lovely trance as we went through the deck.

Splitting up in groups of 3 allowed everyone to go through a part of the same deck themselves and try out three cards in a row. The great spread of experience allowed every group to work very well. Afterwards we discussed some outliers and cards that were more difficult or more effective.

The munch continued afterwards as a more open play party. So much random hypnosis happened to almost everyone present. Respectful and friendly interactions all around allowed for a wonderful group. And by the time pizza was ordered, the mood was incredibly cosy. The food fueled more fantastic feelings and trances with a few double (either tist or subject) trances.

There is no way to really cover the expansive sessions that happened. One highlight for me was doing a demo with three subjects doing a resistance game where if one fell, all would follow. At the end, none was really sure who was the first to give in.

Thank you all for creating such a great day.