2021-05 - HAMO: Aftercare

Hypnosis Amsterdam Meetup - Online

May 2021

FetLife event

This time we started with the speed trance. And with the lessons learned from last time, it went quite well.

  • 10 minute sessions, every 15 minutes still worked well.
  • Add your pronoun to your nickname on Zoom at your leisure.
  • Keep things simple and nice
  • There is no obligation for anything.
  • I gave a short description of how speed trance works.


The session on aftercare had a few speakers with very different perspectives.

It started with a discussion on the difference between aftercare and abreactions.

An abreaction was described as: :"A response that's really unexpected and different from what is expected."

The reason why aftercare was seen as similar is that after/during trance, some people have emotions or thoughts to vent that were triggered by the trance itself.

Generally, aftercare is more defined as: The time after a session where you wind down, either alone or together.

It's often marked by comfort, closeness and cuddles.

What you can do:

  • Be perceptive to respond to what they want/need. "What do you need right now?"
  • Holding a hand/being there for them.
  • Be the stable/anchor in the room for them.
  • Consider online/offline differences. Maybe a teddy that hugs back can help.

Aftercare for both sides

While it's sometimes forgotten, dominants can need to wind down after a session as well.

Affirmation and gratitude for their time/efforts can be wonderful, regardless of role.

Another important part is that boundaries to aftercare are important. How much is reasonable to ask or give? Some people prefer to be alone, others require company. What you want does not always match the other's needs. Discussing this during the negotiation phase can help a lot.