2023-09 - Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup

This writing is about the Hypnosis Apeldoorn Meetup - September 2023

The format of the meetup is working very well, part workshop and demo, part social munch. With 14 people it made for a very nice group. This time, quite a few people were new to the meetup or even hypnosis itself. While the early autumn weather was a little bleak in the beginning of the day, it did not reflect on the mood at all.

Impressively, everyone was on time and ready before 1pm, when the workshop starts. It's nice to reward people who are on time.

Workshop & demos

So, fractionation.

I asked if anyone did not know what it was. Because of the lack of hands I asked a random person for their definition:

Using repeated inductions or triggers to take someone in and out of trance as a sort of deepener.

As usual, we discussed the subject and shared different ways to use this fun feature of hypnosis and displayed it in practical form. Part of the fun for me of running these events is to hear what others do with it and give me more ideas.

See: Fractionation notes - updated with feedback

Various demos were done: the rehearsal induction, the handshake practice induction (by @Incoggg), various forms of fractionation through triggers, and using trance denial (because waking is stupid!) to pull someone up and down. A lot of fun was had with where the border is between awake and deep. During one demo, someone was kept awake by making them focus on everything that was happening around them. The demo subject apparently not realizing that this was a very deep trance.

Another thing that was discussed is different ways to take someone out of trance after much fractionation, since some subjects really don't want to wake up. Like the stern/parental "no" or the "trance killer" statement from Reality is Plastic: "It's just your imagination; you can stop imagining that any time you like, can't you?"


During the munch part, most people kind of switched between conversation or doing random trance. All of the trances that occured were negotiated and had consent from the participants as well as the audience.

In no particular order:

  • A "completely fair" game of rock-paper-scissors.
  • A subject's first in person trance, the start of many during the meetup.
  • Using the force to move items around, thanks to negative hallucinations.
  • Experimenting with different senses.
  • Very playful trances to show fractionation and how terribly teasing it can be.
  • Two hypnotists helping a single subject feel very exposed and blushy.
  • Creating the myth of the dangerous "hypnosis chair" that caused a few people to be very nervous.
  • Excellent usage of said hypnosis chair on a volunteer and a voluntold basis, one of which didn't remember moving to that chair.
  • More playful shenanigans with two hypnotists, a lot of staring and even more frustration.
  • A hug that quietly created some cravings.
  • And finally, let's not forget, after "nein" comes "ten".

As always, it's heartwarming to both see and sometimes instigate so much fun and playful use of this kink. Also extra thank you to the hypno-Germans that brought tasty snacks!

Thank you all so much for attending!