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Live 85 - Sweet Sorbet

◎ 653 ▽ 669 - 2023-08-06Details
Description Enjoy a cold, delicious dessert with various fruity flavors.
Intended Effect Relaxing, cooling and refreshing.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a sensory experience of tasting a sweet sorbet. The user is encouraged to close their eyes, imagine the presentation of the sorbet, and take slow, deliberate bites, savoring the flavors and sensations. Throughout the file, the user is prompted to indulge in the different flavors, appreciate the colors, and allow their mind to relax and become blank as they consume the sorbet. The experience is described as refreshing, cooling, and delightful, leaving a lingering taste and vivid memories. The file ends with the listener being slowly brought back to full wakefulness, with the suggestion that the experience and its positive effects can still be felt even after awakening.

CategoriesFantasy, Live
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