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Live 87 - Creepy Castle

◎ 1,333 ▽ 1,113 - 2023-10-01Details
Description Entering a castle to brave a storm, you find yourself exploring and strangely trapped for a while.
Intended Effect Story to become the new keeper.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken on a dark and creepy journey through a stormy forest and ends up seeking shelter in an abandoned castle. They hear mysterious whispers and follow them deeper into the castle until they arrive in a room with a broken mirror. When they look into the mirror, they see themselves in different clothing and realize that they have become trapped in the mirror while their reflection takes over their body and becomes the caretaker of the castle. The listener is left unsure of what is real and what is a fantasy, and wonders if there is a way to find out what happened. The story serves as a warning to be cautious of the places stories can lead and the hidden dangers they may contain.

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