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823 - Nothing But Arousal

◎ 7,515 ▽ 3,448 - 2022-05-24Details
Description From a little flame to an all-consuming fire.
Intended Effect Reduced/converted to pure pleasure.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being guided through an induction that aims to reduce and amplify their arousal. He describes the unique sensation of desire and the various ways it can manifest. The listener is encouraged to fully immerse themselves in their arousal, allowing it to consume their thoughts, body, and senses. He emphasizes that arousal is not just a physical effect, but a deep feeling that burns away everything inside. The listener is encouraged to let their arousal spread and take over, becoming nothing but arousal. Every thought, sensation, and adjustment only adds to their pleasure and intensifies their arousal. The listener is urged to focus on the strongest part of their arousal and let it grow until it becomes bigger than their body, leaving them unable to think or feel anything else. Eventually, the listener's entire existence is melted away, leaving them in a state of blissful emptiness filled only with arousal. The file ends with the assurance that when the file ends, the listener will feel more and less, with their arousal continuing to grow and flow through them. They are left in a state of complete and overwhelming arousal, with nothing else mattering except their pleasure.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
FeaturesOpen ending, Arousal
DisclaimerThis is erotic fetish fantasy, not reality. Enjoy!
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