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700 - Tone Of My Voice

◎ 4,164 ▽ 5,472 - 2021-03-18Details
Description How I speak matters a lot and the tone of my voice is a nice thing to fall to.
Intended Effect Training to trance to my voice.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken through a hypnosis session where the hypnotist, Nimja, explores the effects of changing the tone of his voice. The listener experiences relaxation and a sense of drifting into trance when Nimja speaks in a gentle, smooth cadence. This is likened to being wrapped in a blanket of relaxation. When Nimja switches back to his normal voice, the listener feels more alert and awake. Nimja discusses how the tone of voice, as well as other factors like body language and facial expressions, can strongly influence people. He explains that he has been doing hypnosis for a long time and has found that speaking in a certain way can naturally induce trance in people. The listener is encouraged to focus on Nimja's voice and allow themselves to drift deeper into trance. The process of going in and out of trance is called fractionation, and the listener is guided through this process multiple times. Nimja emphasizes the importance of practicing hypnosis and becoming better at entering and waking from trance. The listener is encouraged to enjoy the contrast between the deep trance state and the waking state. The session concludes with Nimja counting up to wake the listener up fully.

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