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790 - Lose Yourself

◎ 4,945 ▽ 7,007 - 2022-01-27Details
Description A deep, intense induction to let go of your mind and your outside self for a moment.
Intended Effect Trigger to fall again into deep trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being hypnotized by Nimja. Nimja warns the listener that they might lose themselves and their normal self as they get closer to their unconscious mind. They discuss the power of hypnosis and the danger of being susceptible to suggestion. Nimja suggests that the listener might enjoy losing themselves and letting go of their thoughts and decisions. They also discuss the potential danger of someone else knowing the right words to put the listener in a deep trance. Nimja continues to guide the listener deeper into trance, using words and phrases to pull their mind down. The listener is encouraged to notice the sensations of their body relaxing and their thoughts fading away. Nimja counts the listener down, further deepening their trance. They emphasize that the listener is already more hypnotized than they realize. Throughout the file, Nimja encourages the listener to let go, drop, and lose themselves in their unconscious mind. They assure the listener that they will be safe and can return to awareness when the file ends. They also offer the option for the listener to continue listening if they want to go even deeper into trance.

FeatureOpen ending
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