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832 - Vacant

◎ 2,277 ▽ 2,985 - 2022-06-23Details
Description A simple state which is almost, but not quite, like nothing.
Intended Effect Absence of everything.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a trance experience focused on the concept of vacancy and absence. He describes how being vacant is different from emptiness and relaxation, emphasizing that it is a blissful absence of things. The listener is encouraged to imagine what it would be like to be vacant and how it would feel. He explains that when the vacancy occurs, the listener won't be aware of it because there is nothing to know or feel. The vacant state is described as a lack of anything, where time passes but the listener's mind does not exist. He assures that the listener is always themselves, even when absent, and that they will return as soon as something happens. The experience of vacancy is portrayed as calming and beautiful, with words and sentences meaning nothing and no one to listen. He suggests that the vacant state can be relaxing and inspiring, and after returning, some time may have passed and thoughts may be disconnected, but everything will be normal. The file concludes with a count-up, bringing the listener back to wakefulness.

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