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330 - Everyday Confidence

◎ 4,397 ▽ 7,393 - 2017-08-31Details
Description Help yourself to feel more confident in your abilities and decisions.
Intended Effect Background confidence inspiration.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided by Nimja to become more confident in their decision making and abilities. Nimja emphasizes that confidence is already within the listener and that they just need help recognizing it. The listener is encouraged to let Nimja's words flow into their subconscious and act as background music, inspiring and guiding them. Confidence is defined as doing what one believes is right, admitting mistakes and learning from them, and accepting one's capabilities and willingness to take risks. The listener is reminded that life is full of choices and that both good and bad choices help them grow and become more confident. They are encouraged to make their own choices and not be afraid of making mistakes. Compliments and criticism are seen as helpful lessons and rewards for confidence. The listener is assured that they have the skills and knowledge to do what is right and that they can surprise the world with their capabilities. They are reminded to accept compliments gracefully and accept criticism with curiosity. The file concludes by encouraging the listener to be confident, make the right choice, and not be afraid to take risks. The listener is reminded to accept their own existence and always continue learning. The file ends with a message of encouragement to be their best, shine, and grow even better.

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