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846 - Your Mind Controlled

◎ 3,242 ▽ 3,310 - 2022-08-11Details
Description A confusing, quick poem to pull your mind in.
Intended Effect Leaving a wonderful emptiness within.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being guided into a state of hypnosis by Nimja. Their thoughts are put on hold as Nimja uses rhythm and sound to weave sensations and lead the listener into a trance. The listener is encouraged to let go of their thoughts and surrender to the hypnotic experience. As they deepen their trance, they are guided to embrace fantasies and strange urges. The listener is reminded to stay in the state of hypnosis and enjoy the blissful forgetting and confusion that comes with it. Eventually, the listener will return to the real world with new ideas and concepts. The file concludes with the promise of a new dawn and the listener awakening from their hypnotic state.

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