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182 - Everyday Travelling

◎ 2,187 ▽ 3,491 - 2016-04-28Details
Description Daydreaming can be so nice when you're a passenger. Moving, but not quite paying attention.
Intended Effect Background travelling companion.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of relaxation and detachment while being transported as a passenger. He encourages the listener to let go of control, both over the journey and their own thoughts, and simply enjoy the experience of traveling. The listener is urged to focus on the background sounds and vibrations of the vehicle, and to let his voice wash over them without actively listening. He emphasizes the idea of drifting and floating, and suggests that the listener may be dreaming or in a trance-like state. The listener is reassured that their subconscious will know when it is time to awaken or pay attention. He acknowledges that the listener may become bored and suggests that they may have put on the file without really thinking about it, as a way to pass the time without actively engaging with the content.

FeaturesOpen ending, Background
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