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762 - Zombie Bite

◎ 2,671 ▽ 2,017 - 2021-10-21Details
Description Would you notice the changes after being bitten by a zombie?
Intended Effect Mindless and hungry.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being guided through a hypnotic experience where they are being transformed into a zombie. He describes the process of being bitten and infected by a zombie, emphasizing the subtle changes and sensations the listener might experience. These changes include feeling cold, sluggish, and distracted, as well as a growing hunger for something undefined. He encourages the listener to embrace the blankness and numbness of a zombie-like state, suggesting that it brings peace and contentment. The file ends with he questioning if the listener would even know if they had been bitten and transformed, and if they would disclose it. The listener is encouraged to enjoy the mindlessness and find peace of mind in their new state.

FeatureOpen ending
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