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636 - Tea With Nimja

◎ 2,663 ▽ 3,090 - 2020-08-06Details
Description Join me for a nice cup of tea (or other drink of choice) and some conversation.
Intended Effect A glimpse into my thoughts.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken to a public cafe where they sit down with Nimja to have a cup of tea. Nimja discusses various topics, such as favorite colors and numbers, the importance of feedback, and the intimate nature of hypnosis. They also talk about the use of the name "Nimja" as an artist name and the distinction between being Nimja and being the person behind the files. The conversation ends with Nimja acknowledging that they have been babbling for a while and suggesting that they may have caused the listener to drift away while sipping their drink. Overall, the listener experiences a relaxing and engaging conversation with Nimja.

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