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244 - Little Induction

◎ 5,915 ▽ 8,723 - 2016-12-01Details
Description Who said that you had to sit still and relax to go into trance. Not me!
Intended Effect Playful, open-ended trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a playful and relaxing induction into a trance state. He explains that trance can be achieved through playfulness and movement, rather than just being calm and serious. The listener is encouraged to giggle, smile, and move around as they listen. He demonstrates their ability to influence the listener's mind by making them smile on command. The listener is encouraged to let go of serious thoughts and enjoy the feeling of being small, playful, and carefree. He continues to poke and make the listener giggle, further deepening their relaxation. The listener is encouraged to embrace their playful and childlike nature and forget about the seriousness of adulthood. He teases and playfully pokes the listener, causing more giggles and smiles. The listener's mind becomes calmer and emptier as they giggle more on command. He counts the listener down, leading them into a deeper state of relaxation. The listener's eyes become heavier and they are encouraged to close their eyes and continue to listen. He promises a little trick and continues to poke and make the listener smile and relax. The listener's eyes become even heavier and they are guided into a deeper state of relaxation as he counts down again. The listener is assured that they will be taken care of and can trust his guidance. The file ends with the listener being encouraged to relax, enjoy themselves, and listen, with the promise that they will wake up refreshed and possibly even more playful than before.

FeaturesParticipation, Open ending
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