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102 - Nicely Cool

◎ 1,451 ▽ 3,025 - 2015-07-07Details
Description Cool down with a gentle breeze.
Intended Effect Physical cooling.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxation and trance induction by Nimja. They are encouraged to listen to Nimja's voice and let themselves relax and go deeper into a trance. As they relax, they are told that they will feel a cool breeze blowing over their skin, helping them to cool down. The listener is instructed to let their body cool down and not worry too much. They are assured that they won't be cold, but just nicely cool. The listener is then counted down further, and with each count, they feel more relaxed and cool. They are encouraged to imagine themselves sipping on a cool drink and losing themselves to relaxation. The listener is told to imagine the cool breeze blowing over their skin and feel refreshed. They are reminded to relax and not be tense. Finally, the listener is told that they will continue to feel cool every time they exhale and that being relaxed makes it easier for them to cool down. The file ends with the listener being counted back up and instructed to wake up and enjoy the cool.

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