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878 - Wispy Whispers

◎ 1,047 ▽ 1,583 - 2022-12-01Details
Description Some soft mysterious support on a walk that wanders around you.
Intended Effect Soft trance and a smile.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxing and immersive experience. He describes soft, wispy whispers that form around the listener while walking outside or drifting in their imagination. The whispers create mysterious shapes and swirls, accompanying the listener and guiding their thoughts. The whispers seem to pluck thoughts away and create new misty shapes in the air. The listener feels a susurrus of sensations as they follow the whispers, allowing their thoughts to drift deeper. The whispers pull the listener along, creating a sense of movement and inviting exploration. The listener may become aware of the swirling spirals they leave behind and feel surrounded by the sweet sensations and hypnotizing shapes created by the whispers. Each whisper is described as its own little creature, entertaining the listener's mind and creating a sense of warmth and relaxation. Eventually, the whispers guide the listener's mind back into their body, leaving them with a playful sensation of exploration and a lasting smile. The file ends with the listener slowly waking up and being welcomed back, encouraged to enjoy their walk.

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