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260 - Safe Flight

◎ 884 ▽ 2,057 - 2017-01-26Details
Description This helps you feel less worried about flying. Can be listened to in the plane but requires an induction first.
Intended Effect Anti-anxiety for flights.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through an induction to help them feel more relaxed while flying. He emphasizes the safety of flying and encourages the listener to trust the crew and enjoy the marvels of flight. The listener is instructed to imagine themselves soaring through the sky, like a bird, and to let their mind float and drift. He reassures the listener that turbulence is normal and safe, comparing it to the movement of air around a bird's wings. The listener is reminded to fasten their seatbelt and lean back, allowing themselves to relax and enjoy the flight as they listen to his voice. He describes the sound of the engine as comforting and a reminder of the safety and speed of the flight. The listener is encouraged to let their thoughts and worries be left behind as they fly, feeling calm, composed, and safe. He emphasizes the marvel of flying and encourages the listener to embrace the magical and impossible concept of flight. The listener is advised to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, with the option to continue listening to other files for further relaxation. The listener is assured that if his voice stops, they will wake up refreshed and fully awake. The file concludes with a reminder to listen to his voice and relax, ensuring a safe flight.

FeatureOpen ending
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