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772 - Envy

◎ 1,663 ▽ 1,901 - 2021-11-25Details
Description Seven sins, one listener. Are you influenced by Envy?
Intended Effect Frustrated to encouraged.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is described as feeling envious and frustrated due to their difficulty in going into trance compared to others. He acknowledges the listener's desire to have the same abilities and experiences as those who can easily enter trance. He suggests that the listener can be inspired by others and use their feelings of jealousy to imagine and explore what it would be like to be deeply hypnotized. He then introduces the idea of gratitude as a solution to the listener's envy, encouraging them to appreciate their unique abilities and experiences. The listener is guided into a deep trance and is reminded of their suggestibility and openness to his words. The file ends by offering the listener the option to continue exploring their trance state or to wake up feeling the effects of their experience.

FeatureOpen ending
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