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63 - Poetic Induction

◎ 3,232 ▽ 3,880 - 2014-11-26Details
Description A journey going nowhere and everywhere. Words guiding you into dreams and fantasies.
Intended Effect Dreamlike, slow induction

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener goes on a poetic adventure through their imagination. They visit various places, such as a museum, dreams, and a fantasy world. The file describes the different emotions and experiences the listener may have, including confusion, awe, fear, and peace. The listener is encouraged to embrace all these sensations and enjoy the journey. They imagine looking at clouds, feeling the grass beneath them, and eventually flying through the clouds. The clouds become thicker and darker until the listener bursts through and ends up underground in a dark cavern. They summon fireflies to light up the cavern and explore further, encountering an enormous lake. The listener focuses on a single drop falling into the lake, experiencing a sense of calm and safety. They then enter their own garden, a sacred place in their mind where they can relax and feel safe. Finally, the file brings the listener back to reality, slowly waking them up and thanking them for listening.

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