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920 - Before The King

◎ 3,969 ▽ 2,063 - 2023-04-27Details
Description Brought before the king as a prisoner and made into a servant.
Intended Effect Experiencing the story.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is transported to a fantasy world where they find themselves in a dark and cold dungeon. They have committed a crime and are waiting to be brought before the king. The listener spends their time in the dungeon contemplating their actions and imagining a better future. Eventually, guards arrive and place shackles on the listener before leading them through the castle towards the throne room. The listener is judged by the king, who decides that they will work in the castle to pay off their debts. The shackles are removed and the listener is given a chance to prove themselves. They are then taken away to begin their new tasks. The file ends with the listener being brought back to reality and encouraged to reflect on the experience.

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