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♂ 282 - Little Boy Bedtime

◎ 20,174 ▽ 14,915 - 2017-04-13Details
Description I know you're still awake and it's bedtime... But, alright you've earned a story..
Intended Effect Sweet story time for boys.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being guided to fall asleep by Nimja. Nimja encourages the listener to close their eyes and use their imagination to go on an adventure. The listener is described as a brave and curious little boy who enters a dark cave and discovers beautiful wonders inside. As the listener explores the cave, they start to feel relaxed and tired. Eventually, they sit down and fall asleep inside the cave. In their dream, they experience the sensation of flying and drifting through the sky. The listener is then gently told to relax and fall asleep, and Nimja counts down from ten to one, encouraging the listener to sleep. The file ends with the instruction for the listener to take off their headphones and sleep.

CategoriesInduction, Sleep, Fantasy
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