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206 - Resisting A Rest

◎ 10,965 ▽ 15,360 - 2016-07-21Details
Description A playful file for when you don't really want to sleep, but you do.
Intended Effect Playful resistance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a process of resisting sleep while feeling tired. They are instructed to sit or lay down in a comfortable position and to close their eyes when exhaling and open them when inhaling. He encourages the listener to continue this pattern and assures them that it is normal for their eyes to feel heavy. As the listener follows the instructions and listens to his voice, they begin to relax and feel a sense of peace. He introduces a rhythm to their speech, and the listener imagines hearing the beat of his voice. This rhythm guides the listener deeper into relaxation and makes it more difficult for them to open their eyes. Eventually, the listener stops opening their eyes and simply listens to his voice, sinking deeper into a trance-like state. He encourages the listener to embrace rest and let go, allowing themselves to drift off to sleep. The file ends with the instruction to take off their headphones and sleep, with the reassurance that they can wake up if needed by taking a breath. Overall, the listener is guided towards a state of relaxation and encouraged to fully embrace rest.

CategoriesInduction, Sleep
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