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976 - Blanket

◎ 2,045 ▽ 4,061 - 2023-11-09Details
Description Enjoy the weight of a blanket as you drift into a nice blank sleepy state.
Intended Effect Feeling cuddled by your blanket.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

Nimja guides the listener to a state of relaxation and sleep. The listener is instructed to lay down comfortably under a blanket, becoming aware of its weight and the gentle pressure it applies to their body. Nimja encourages the listener to imagine the blanket becoming heavier, almost like a hug, and allows the hypnosis to settle them into a sleepy state. The file emphasizes the blankness and emptiness of the mind, creating a sense of peacefulness and warmth. By the end of the file, Nimja mentions the option to remove headphones and encourages the listener to sleep well and drift into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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